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Do you agree that Lesley is the Highest Marksman in Mobile Legends? Here's the answer

Do you agree that the highest marksman caste in Mobile Legends is Lesley? SPIN Esports will find out the answer.

The upper hero caste, which can also be called the highest level of heroes, is a common thing that Mobile Legends players always make.

On average they have different opinions about which marksman hero occupies the highest caste in Mobile Legends, but most of them answer Lesley.

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But is it true that Lesley deserves to be the highest marksman hero caste in Mobile Legends? Here’s the answer!

Very Worth it

The strongest marksman in mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

According to SPIN Esports, we totally agree that the current Lesley deserves to be in the highest caste of MM heroes in Mobile Legends.

All of that because of his new passive which can generate critical true damage. This passive is very difficult to counter even WON items can’t counter it.

Yep, the WON item will be penetrated by Lesley’s new passive, critical true damage becomes a separate task when you face Lesley.

For his own laning phase, Lesley is no less great than other marksman heroes, even superior to all of them.

Lesley mobile legends
Photo via ig xcessmlbb

Popol & Kupa, who are known to be the strongest in the lane, will have a hard time against Lesley because her passive Lesley can make herself disappear and cannot be targeted, making it difficult for Popol to attack using her Kupa.

Meanwhile, when fighting other marksman, Lesley is also superior, but with the condition that you have to repay damage to your opponent, you can’t play it barbarically.

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