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Released Again, Leaked Bundles at the Latest Token Tower FF Event April 2023!

Released Again, Leaked Bundles at the Latest Token Tower FF Event April 2023!

Usually, Free Fire (FF) is a game that never runs out of ideas for releasing skins and items to sell to players, so that players can feel the sensation of playing more exciting.

Various types of skins and items are starting to become exclusive among players, so many are asking for some skins to be released again in events where it is easier to get them.

Unfortunately, this actually turns out to be a habit that can be said to have quite a bad impact. Many players are also ultimately disappointed with this.

But for some reason, Free Fire still continues to release old skin items continuously. After Top Criminal and Angel Pants, now we are back with the arrival of the old bundle in an event that is usually called “haram”.

Do you want to know more about the Token Tower FF April 2023 event bundle? Here’s more complete information!

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April 2023 FF Token Tower Leaks

The certainty of the emergence of this old event has been confirmed via the Kulgar YouTube Channel. Rido Odiri leaked that this event will bring an old, well-known bundle, the Evolution Cobra bundle.

This event is an event that requires diamonds to spin to get tokens so they can be exchanged for the main prize.

Here’s how you can follow to spin the event:

  • 1x spin costs 19 diamonds, while 5x spins costs 79 diamonds
  • Do a spin to get tokens
  • Tokens can be exchanged for other prizes such as vouchers and Gloo Wall.
  • The main prize for the Emerald Power gun skin can be exchanged for 5x tokens

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee how many spins are needed to get the main prize. Chances are you can spend a lot of diamonds for this cool gun skin, Spinners!

Even though it’s quite expensive, you also have the opportunity to get other cool prizes such as emotes, vouchers and other prizes.

So, please prepare your diamonds first and wait for the bundle to arrive at the Token Tower event, Spinners!

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That’s the leak about the Token Tower event which will be coming again in the near future at Free Fire. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow accounts Instagram And YouTube We.