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Edith Mobile Legends New Skin, Starlight April 2023 Leaked?

Edith Mobile Legends New Skin, Starlight April 2023 Leaked?

Edith, one of the heroes in Mobile Legends that can be said to be underrated now, seems rarely used even though she was made a roamer several times by the AURA Fire team in MPL ID Season 10.

Talking about Edith, it turns out that there is a new skin that seems to be released soon for this one hero.

Indeed, this one hero is still classified as a hero who is still not too old, but of course the new skin is very meaningful for the survival of this hero later.

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This is the appearance of Edith’s new skin, will it be the next Starlight for April 2023?

Edith's New Skin
source: YT Whiz Super

It can be seen from the leaks that there is a skin that is likely to be named Seraphic Warden and will be labeled Starlight.

In terms of appearance, this skin is also quite good with a theme that is very different from Edith’s default skin.

The dominant color is blue with a unique logo, not to mention that you can see in the top left corner there is a new Edith emote which usually comes together with the Starlight skin.

In April 2023, the leak, Eudora “Cosmic Voyage” is the following skin.

For April 2023, it is known that Popol & Kupa will be a Starlight skin named, “Trouble Makers”.

With this, most likely, the Starlight skin for April 2023 will be Edith.

It’s interesting to wait for the continuation of Edith’s skin, Edith’s users will certainly be happy if Edith’s skin will be released soon.

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