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Get Ready, Here's the Genshin Impact 3.1 Live Streaming Date!

Get Ready, Here’s the Genshin Impact 3.1 Live Streaming Date!

Even though there have been leaks from leakers, it’s incomplete if you don’t witness official information from HoYoverse first hand.

As usual there will be a live stream before the latest version comes to Genshin Impact. This version is very much awaited because reportedly there will be another new map in Sumeru. Aprilbe you feel waw because the 3.0 map is already that big, what about the map that will be present in 3.1 which is rumored to be the Desert part of Sumeru.

Instead of being curious about when it will be released here, we will immediately inform you directly from the Genshin Impact Facebook.

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Genshin Impact 3.1 live streaming date

Perhaps an image of text that says 'GENSHIN IMPACT 1 Version 3.1 King Deshret and the Three Magi Special Program Announcement 2022/09/16 08:00 AM (UTC-4)'

Reported directly from the official Genshin Impact account, namely his Facebook, here is the live streaming schedule for the latest version later.

In accordance with the official announcement from Genshin Impact, live streaming version 3.1 will be available via official Twitch on April 16 2023 19:00 (WIB). You can directly click the link on the side

If you missed the live streaming, it will also be broadcast again on the official Genshin Impact Youtube on April 16 2023 23:00 (WIB) You can directly click the link on the side, yes,

Are you curious about who will be present in version 3.1, maybe you already know a little from the official leak that there will be three new characters namely Cyno, Nilou and Candace.

But not sure which banner will appear and with whose character’s re-run.

All three are good characters based on the leak, but of course the official information will make it clearer for you later on who you will gacha with.

For now, SPIN Esports is targeting Nilou because it’s very waifuable, how about yourself? Although we are also curious about Cyno, who has Elemental Burst similar to Razor.

So, don’t forget to write down the date so you don’t miss any information about the upcoming version, and of course there will be the latest redeem code which SPIN Esports will update too later.

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