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Is this a new member of the Revolutionary Army?

Nefertari Vivi might join forces to become a member of the Revolutionary Army in the One Piece storyline. This he deliberately did to fulfill his great mission. As revealed in the previous chapter, Vivi’s fate is now as mysterious as that of Sabo. Some speculated that Vivi had bad luck from the World Government.

Even so, Zoro himself reminded Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats that Vivi was not a weak person. Vivi herself promised to change into a stronger and more mature person. Zoro is sure that Vivi will prove his words, especially if he later finds out what happened to his father. One of the possible plans that Vivi will carry out is joining the Revolutionary Army.

The fate of Nefertari Vivi

As mentioned above, Vivi is currently unknown, aka missing. His figure last appeared in stories in the Reverie arc. At that time, Vivi came with her father, Nefertari Cobra. In this arc, Vivi looks so excited and cheerful. In fact, he even met Rebecca and Shirahoshi while discussing Luffy.

There was a tense moment where Saint Charlos wanted Shirahoshi to be his pet. Neptune himself had almost committed acts of violence. Luckily, Vivi appeared and asked the celestial dragons not to do anything arbitrary to Shirahoshi. In fact, Saint Mjosgard came and immediately beat Saint Charlos.

Since then, Oda no longer presents Vivi’s figure until the end of the Reverie arc. Concerns themselves began to emerge after major events occurred. One of them is the sudden and strange death of Nefertari Cobra. The World Government blamed Sabo for that. Apart from Cobra’s death, Vivi’s own fate is now unknown.

This made Luffy angry and tried to save him. However, Zoro explained that Vivi is now a formidable figure. It’s still a big question, what was the reason Vivi then disappeared. However, some of the fans themselves speculated that Vivi was kidnapped by the World Government. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that Vivi is hiding somewhere.

This is based on the fact that Sabo managed to save Kuma. There is a possibility that Sabo will also meet Vivi. In the previous chapter, Bonney had said that he met Sabo while at Mary Geoise. Apart from these various speculations, one thing is certain, Nefertari Vivi is still alive.

Join the Revolutionary Army?

Assuming that Vivi is still alive and on the run, the big question is what Vivi plans to do next. There are several scenarios that arise and may occur. For example, what has been widely speculated is how Vivi will try to be able to meet or regroup with the Straw Hats. Another scenario is that Vivi might join the Revolutionary Army.

Why these two groups? Currently, Vivi no longer has anyone in her life after her father’s death. This means that Vivi needs help from a much stronger party, especially since she is currently being targeted by the World Government, especially Im. However, as Zoro said Vivi might have become a tough character now which means she might not rely on her friends.

The second scenario has a big enough chance to happen. Because, several things in the story can support this. For example, as mentioned above, Sabo is as likely to meet Vivi in ​​Mary Geoise as he is to meet Bonney. Then, we have also seen how Robin’s strength has developed after training for two years with the Revolutionary Army.

By joining the group and becoming a member of the Revolutionary Army, Vivi would probably train just like Robin but also she would be safer in the kingdom of Kamabakka. There, maybe he will train with Koala and the others to become much stronger than before. All these things he did solely to avenge his father’s death.

Meet the Straw Hat Crew Again?

Although for the time being Vivi might not be meeting her comrades in the Straw Hats, that doesn’t mean she won’t be seeing them again. Vivi will probably meet the Straw Hats again at the end or towards the end of the story. Vivi might re-emerge as part of the members of the Revolutionary Army who joined the big war against the World Government.

As many predicted before, the Revolutionary Army might join forces with Luffy’s great alliance to destroy the World Government. And it is at this moment that we will see Vivi again with a new appearance and strength. However, it is also possible that Vivi will appear before the big battle takes place. This reflects on the reunion that occurred between Sabo and Luffy. What do you guys think?