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8 Marvel Characters Perfect for Henry Cavill!

There are several interesting characters from Marvel Comics that Henry Cavill could play if he later joins the Marvel cinematic universe. Most of these characters are debutants or have never appeared before in a live action version. And even the fans, especially the MCU fans, might really look forward to Cavill’s appearance when playing his character.

Last Thursday (Indonesian time), Henry Cavill was officially no longer part of the DC Universe and also no longer playing Superman. This happened after his meeting with Peter Safran and James Gunn. For now, it is still unknown whether Cavill will join Marvel Studios. However, there are several Marvel characters that Cavill could play if he later joins the MCU. Anything?

Captain Britain

Perhaps, this is the character that is the most obvious and quite widely speculated by the fans. As geeks know, Henry Cavill is an actor from England. And there is a Marvel character that fits this perfectly, namely Captain Britain. What’s interesting is that in 2021 yesterday, the Hollywood Reporter had reported that Cavill was also interested in playing this character.

According to Cavill, Captain Britain is an interesting and fun character. He wanted to portray a modern version of the character Captain Britain, just as Marvel Studios managed to modernize Captain America. On the internet itself, there are quite a lot of pictures edited by fans that present the figure of Cavill acting as a character who was originally a “rival” of Captain America.


Galactus is one of the cosmic entities that is quite popular in the comic world. He is also one of the iconic villain characters. In Marvel Comics itself, Galactus has more to do with the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four hero team. However, it is not uncommon for Galactus to have to deal with other Marvel hero characters such as the Avengers.

Henry Cavill’s image as Superman and a hero will be hard to lose. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t play as a villain. Marvel Studios can make that happen by casting Galactus. The character itself has a long history in the Marvel universe. The appearance of Galactus can clearly be an addition to the list of villains that will appear in the next Phase 5 or maybe the next Phase.

Mister Sinister

Apart from Galactus, Henry Cavill can also play another villain character, Mister Sinister. For geeks who like stories about mutants, X-Men, the name Mister Sinister is certainly no stranger. Born Nathaniel Essex in the Victorian era, Mister Sinister is considered one of the most complex and finest villains. He becomes a test subject of Apocalypse and gains super powers.

So far, Mister Sinister has never appeared in a live-action version or on the big screen. He has the potential to present a major threat level, especially now that mutants themselves have started appearing frequently throughout Phases 4 and 5. If Marvel Studios really wants to present his character, then Henry Cavill is the answer.


Perhaps, there have been countless speculations and theories regarding Nova’s appearance in the Marvel cinematic universe. Speculation about Nova’s emergence existed even before 2018, where the film Avengers: Infinity War release. Many MCU fans have been waiting for the figure of Richard Rider, especially now that Marvel has begun to frequently present cosmic stories.

Even though there are many versions, the fans are looking forward to the Richard Rider version of Nova, who has superhuman abilities, flight, speed, endurance, and the ability to absorb energy. With the Guardians of the Galaxy team that will soon be finished in the third film, Marvel will certainly miss the cosmic story. And Nova and the Nova Corps can fill that position.


The appearance of the X-Men is still eagerly awaited by fans, even though several MCU projects along Phase 4 yesterday began to popularize the term mutant. Even so, they believe that the X-Men will appear and have a crucial role in Phase 5 later. And with the appearance of the mutant team, the X-Men, it means that Marvel Studios can present many other mutant characters.

One example is Colossus, who is considered an underrated character. And in fact it is. He is not as popular as Cyclops and Wolverine or other characters, but he is one of the crucial characters whose existence is really needed. Henry Cavill himself has a physique that supports his role as one of these underrated characters.


Another Marvel X-Men character that Henry Cavill could play. Cyclops is clearly going to have an important role in the MCU’s version of the mutant universe. Scott Summers is one of the best X-Men leaders, and is known as an interesting character with many complex stories. One such example is how he had romantic relationships with Jean Gray and Emma Frost.

The production house of 20th Century Fox was criticized for “getting rid of” Cyclops in favor of Wolverine. Marvel Studios has the opportunity to fix this, where they can make Cyclops according to the comic version. Henry Cavill can definitely be one of the right choices to play this epic character.

Doctor Doom

Among the many villain characters in Marvel Comics, the figure of Doctor Doom can be considered as one of the greatest villains in the entire Marvel universe. Victor Von Doom is intelligent, strong, and extraordinary. Even though he is a villain, many interesting things can be presented or appear in the big screen stories.

Doctor Doom is also one of the characters whose appearance is highly anticipated. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios themselves have often tried to present the character. However, now that the mutants are the property of Marvel Studios, it’s only a matter of time before he actually shows up. As mentioned above, Cavill can act as a villain to present a different impression after his appearance as a hero.


Bob Reynolds aka Sentry is one of the most powerful heroes in the entire Marvel Universe. When Bob was first introduced in comic Sentry #1 in 2000, his past was a mystery. However, it was later revealed that Sentry was in fact a major intergalactic power. In other words, he is the Marvel Comics version of “Superman”.

In terms of strength, Sentry is similar to Superman. This means that Sentry could be one of the Marvel characters that is right for Henry Cavill to play. With cosmic stories being one of the things that the MCU will present frequently, it means that various other characters like Sentry also have the chance to appear. And Sentry could be a powerful ally against another formidable cosmic threat that appears in the future.

While many fans are disappointed and saddened by Henry Cavill’s decision to no longer play Superman, there are still other comic book characters he could play. And the Marvel Comics characters that will appear in the Marvel cinematic universe can be the choice. Some of the characters above are examples of how there are quite a number of choices for Cavill if he joins Marvel Studios.