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News : Multiverse Battler MARVEL SNAP, Your Favorite Hero and Villain Collection Now!

Just by mentioning the word Marvel, our imagination is already filled with various superheroes and villains. It is undeniable that the Marvel series is one of the most popular and well-known series on this earth, many publishers and developers are very interested in collaborating with this series to make it a game. The well-known game developer Second Dinner collaborates with Nuverse as a game publisher, also in collaboration with Marvel Studios to enliven the mobile game industry in releasing a mobile game with the theme Marvel: MARVEL SNAP.

When will all the Marvel superheroes and villains gather in one universe and be in your hands? Well, in this MARVEL SNAP game, we as players can collect both our favorite superheroes and villains in the Marvel series.

In addition, this game also does not require much time to play, because this game is a Multiverse Battler game with the fastest gameplay in the entire universe! KotakGame was very lucky to be given the opportunity to taste the beta test of this game, and as a result, we were very impressed with this game. Why? Because this game is fun and very easy to play, there are many collections of superheroes and villains that you can collect where each character has their own skills, no need to have a long time to enjoy one game in this game.

The most important and interesting for us are the cards that can be upgraded! This game itself will be released in SEA on October 19, 2022.

Lots of Collection Options for both Hero and Villain!

In this MARVEL SNAP, we as players will be presented with a wide collection of characters that certainly come from Marvel starting from existing Superheroes and Villains such as Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain America, Thanos, Wolverine, Cerebro, and many more!

In total, we as players can collect more than 150 collections of heroes and villains to be arranged as the best deck that we can use in the game. The cool thing is that the developer will always update and add to the collection of heroes and villains in this game and MARVEL SNAP also collaborates with artists from around the world, so players can enjoy various variants of cards, for example, Star-Lord 8-bit art style.

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Exciting Gameplay with Fast Tempo!

After trying several times to play this game, the KotGa Crew feel that this game can be said to not waste time and has a very exciting gameplay. In this MARVEL SNAP game, we only need 3 to 6 minutes to complete a match which means, if we play ten matches we only spend one hour.

In this game, we will have many abilities from each type of hero and villain that we have and in the game we will get three different locations in every condition which certainly makes players think to set their respective strategies. We as players will win if we manage to master two different locations by having more points than other players.

Power up with a Snap or Back off with a Defeat!

This game has a system that at the end of the match the target or game prize will be doubled automatically, if you choose to refuse you should withdraw from the fight. During the battle, you can shoot at any time to double the number of targets. If you feel like you can’t win, you can also back off at any time to reduce the cube’s losses.

This game is highly recommended for players who want to try new sensations in this genre. In addition, this game itself has been launched globally and for those of you who play in this month of release of MARVEL SNAP, you can get special heroes namely Iron Man Special Variant for iOS and Hulk Special Variant for Android. For those of you who want to download this game, you can click on the link below!

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YouTube: MARVEL SNAP Indonesia