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Get to know Netflix's Mystery 1899 Series!

After going through a long filming process, finally the series 1899 will soon be on Netflix. drama genre, mysteryand horror, this series is predicted to bring fear and a tense sensation on the sea. There is not much information that we can dig up about this series, considering that Netflix is ​​also very secretive about the plot details. As a genre series mystery, so it’s only natural that Netflix doesn’t have much to say. But before we watch it, it’s a good idea to know first about the series 1899 this. Here is the discussion Geeks!

Story Details 1899

Series 1899 will tell of a mysterious event that occurred on an emigrant steamer sailing from London to New York, United States. The ship’s passengers come from a variety of different backgrounds. Yet they are united by hopes and dreams for the new future that awaits them in New York. But one day, they saw a ship Prometheus, which had been missing for years. Something they find on the ship turns their trip into a terrible nightmare.

Get to know Netflix's Mystery 1899 Series!, Greenscene

It seemed, they were all running from some problem. We can see this through the mysterious character named Maura Fraklin, where she seems to have a lot of hidden problems in her mind. Conditions on the ship became even more chaotic as passengers from Poland, France, Germany, Spain and England struggled to communicate effectively.

Some time ago, Netflix also confirmed that all of its episodes will feature many mysterious events. In addition, the creators of the series, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar have also confirmed that the series will be multilingual. Yep, because the characters come from several different countries, the characters will speak according to their respective countries. Friese and Odar also promise that they take the language aspect very seriously, and that they want to represent each culture in as much detail as possible. “We don’t want to feature characters from different countries but all of them speak English.”

Created by Creator Dark

Get to know Netflix's Mystery 1899 Series!, Greenscene

In 2018, German directors Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar signed a 5-year deal with Netflix to make some shows. The first result of this collaboration was a series entitled Dark, spanning three seasons, from 2017 to 2020. And series 1899 is the second series to be part of the German director duo’s deal with Netflix. Series 1899 was produced by studio Dark Ways, a Berlin-based production studio, and the studio is owned by Friese and Odar.

The Actors Involved

There will be several famous actors involved in the series 1899. One of the most famous is Emily Beecham who has previously starred in Little Joe. Emily Beecham herself previously won the Best Actress award at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. In the series 1899, Beecham will play Maura Franklin. In addition, Andreas Pietschmann who previously starred in the series Dark also re-engaged in 1899. Pietschmann will later play the character Eyk Larsen. The series will mark the reunion of Pietschmann, Friese, and Odar, who previously met in the series Dark.

Get to know Netflix's Mystery 1899 Series!, Greenscene

The series will also feature several other actors such as Alexandre Willaume (The Wheel of Time), Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen (The Rain), Miguel Bernardeau (Elite), and Anton Lesser (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides). It should be noted that they will all speak in their native language.

When will 1899 air?

Get to know Netflix's Mystery 1899 Series!, Greenscene

Some time ago, this series had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. In the show, there have been two episodes shown. Well recently, Netflix also confirmed that 1899 will be released on November 24, 2022. But it must be noted that the release schedule is subject to change at any time. The inaugural season will have eight episodes, each of which is approximately 1 hour long. There is no information yet whether Netflix will continue this series into a second season or not. But if the first season is successful, it’s not impossible that Netflix will load the next season.

Save Many Mysteries

Through the synopsis and the official trailer that Netflix shared, we can conclude that the series will hold many mysteries. Netflix also frequently shares some other promotional material for the 1899 series, but all of these promotional materials don’t reveal what really happened. Some time ago Netflix released a video poster on Twitter. Instead of explaining what happened, the video poster left fans confused.

The reason is, the video poster hints at something through the ship’s flickering lights. In addition, there is a beep indicating that it is a message. Fans were convinced that it was Morse Code, which revealed the series’ release schedule. In addition, Netflix also provides a description “All we know is a drop of water in the ocean. The next puzzling mystery.” With all these clues, it is certain that the series will feature many mysteries in it, and the audience is forced to think hard to find out the answers.

That’s it geeks some important details from the 1899 series which will soon be airing on Netflix. With the cool hands of Friese and Odar, it looks like 1899 will be one of the big series that Netflix releases this year. Let’s just wait, geeks for the release later.