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5 Monster Hunters in the Marvel Universe!

Monsters are one of the most important elements in the Marvel Comics universe full of mystery and magic. The presence of the monsters themselves are actually quite often intersect with Marvel superheroes in general. However, it is not uncommon for ordinary superheroes to feel overwhelmed when facing enemies that are foreign to them. So that’s why we need specialist figures like ‘monster hunters’ aka monster hunters. Those who have special abilities to deal with special villains too, like the monsters in the Marvel Universe. Here are five of the most famous monster hunters in the Marvel Universe!

Ulysses Bloodstone

5 Monster Hunters in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Ulysses Bloodstone is one of the pioneers of monster hunters in the Marvel Universe who has lived since the Prehistoric Age, about 10,000 years ago. Since getting the power of a mysterious meteor called Bloodstone, Ulysses has become an immortal human who has super physical strength. With this new power he has a goal to hunt down an alien named Ulluxy’l Kwan Tae Syn who has killed his entire tribe. On his journey he had met many monsters, but none of them could beat Ulysess’ experience and prowess.

Elsa Bloodstone

5 Monster Hunters in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Elsa Bloodstone is the daughter of Ulysses who has been taught a lot about monster hunters since she was a child. When Ulysses is told to die after defeating Ulluxy’l in the modern era, Elsa then continues her father’s work as a monster hunter. Where she also inherited the Bloodgem from her father, which allows Elsa to do many things with her super physical strength. Elsa herself is often seen helping other superheroes to defeat monsters. Including helping the wizard Nico Minoru to fight monsters in Battleworld.


5 Monster Hunters in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Actually Man-Wolf was originally an ordinary human named John Jonah Jameson III. He is the son of Daily Bugle owner J. Jonah Jameson, who later decided to become an astronaut and eventually flew to the Moon with NASA. While on a mission he accidentally stumbles upon a Godstone who turns him into a werewolf. Although Man-Wolf debuted as Spider-Man’s nemesis, but he has now repented and is more active as a monster hunter. Using his silver sword he often manages to defeat monsters that target victims in New York City.

Solomon Kane

5 Monster Hunters in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

From his appearance, Solomon Kane looks like Van Helsing who often appears in monster stories. He lived in the Marvel Universe in the 16th century and his name is still famous until the modern era as a very reliable monster hunter. Besides often seen carrying a flintlock gun and a rapier sword, Solomon also has physical abilities that are stronger than humans in general. This power allows him to face the terrible monsters that lived in the 16th and 17th centuries. Not a few believe that until now Solomon is still alive. Where he is busy traveling the world to hunt monsters in the Marvel Universe.


5 Monster Hunters in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Finally, a monster hunter who is quite famous in the Marvel Universe is a Wakandan warrior named Zawadi. In the 1950s, Zawadi first met Ulysess who set foot in Wakanda to fight the monster T-Rex. Surprisingly, Zawadi was able to defeat the T-Rex and finally made Ulysses take him to New York as his team. Zawadi’s secret lies in his superhuman physical strength which comes from the Heart-Shaped Herbs that would-be Black Panthers usually eat. Although not a Black Panther, but Zawadi is proven to be able to eradicate many monsters, including defeating Kro and other Deviants.

Those are the five most famous monster hunters in the Marvel Universe. Although most of them did not live in the same era, the actions of these five monster hunters complement each other. Starting from Ulysses who lived the longest, then Solomon who became a legend in the 16th century, to finally Elsa who is now famous as the greatest monster hunter in the Marvel Universe. This has indirectly proven that monster hunting is a Marvel profession that is rarely practiced, but is very much needed.