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Leonardo DiCaprio Rumored to be Dating Gigi Hadid – Recently, the name Gigi Hadid has been the subject of public discussion. This super model is reportedly close to senior actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The news of the closeness of the two grew stronger after photos of allegedly Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio at a party circulated on social media. The photo was also re-uploaded by the @hadids.jenner account with poor quality.

In the photo, the alleged figure of Leonardo DiCaprio is whispering to a woman wearing a white croptop. The female figure is suspected to be Gigi Hadid because of her very similar appearance.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Shown in New York (Instagram Collage @hadids.jenner)
Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Shown in New York (Instagram Collage @hadids.jenner)

The news of Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio immediately caught the attention of netizens. Several netizens disagreed, especially since the general range of Jack in the Titanic film with Gigi Hadid was far enough away.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is known to be 47 years old. Meanwhile, Zayn Malik’s ex-girlfriend is 27 years old. The observed age difference of 20 years has caused the netizens to contra.

However, there are also some who are okay with the relationship. This is because the relationship is considered not related to the age they have.

Talking about a relationship with a remotely monitored age, it does require more effort to be able to work. This is because the long-monitored relationship with age requires a bridge so that they can understand each other.

Launching the Brides page, here are some ways that need to be done so that relationships with a long enough age range can work.

Share hope

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Relationships with an age range that are much more focused on how serious they are in the future. For that, it is very important to give each other hope. For example, the man wants to have children. While the women want a stable financial condition in the future. Discussing this will avoid misunderstandings between the two.