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Before Gigi, Leonardo DiCaprio Ever Approached Bella Hadid to Gift Lingerie: Okezone Celebrity

LOS ANGELES – Before being rumored to be close to Toothactor Leonardo DiCaprio turned out to be close to his sister, Bella Hadid. However, the approach process is unfortunately not running smoothly.

In 2017, People report, actor Titanic The couple had invited Bella, who was then 20 years old, on a date. But the actor had to bite his fingers, because the Dutch-Palestinian model rejected him outright.

Bella Hadid.  (Photo: VOGUE)

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Not desperate, Leonardo DiCaprio again sent a ‘naughty’ gift to Bella’s hotel room in the form of lingerie for Rp. 60 million, a bottle of champagne, and a bouquet of white roses. But he again refused the gift.

After 5 years, DiCaprio is reportedly close to Bella’s older sister, Gigi Hadid. Interestingly, the news of their closeness broke less than a month after the actor broke up with model Camila Morrone.

Sources close to the couple said the two were close but didn’t want to rush into their relationship. This can be seen from the photo of their closeness at a party which was released by the Daily Mail on September 13 last.

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On the same day, the two were also seen attending the New York Fashion Week event. Although it has been heavily reported that they are close, neither Gigi nor DiCaprio have released any official statements regarding their relationship.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid party together on September 12, 2022. (Photo: BACKGRID/Daily Mail)

The romance issue of Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid is indeed quite attracting the attention of fans. If proven true, then the supermodel managed to break the court rules of the actor who never dated women over the age of 25 years.

Not only a matter of age rules, Gigi is also known to be a single mother without marriage of one child. So this will be the actor’s first experience of having a romance with a woman who is a mother.*

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