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Recommended 5 Best Offline Billiard Games

Recommended 5 Best Offline Billiard Games

Billiard is one type of concentration exercise that is quite popular. Even so, the price of the billiard table set and the stick is so expensive that not everyone can afford it. However, with the smartphone, playing billiards can now be done through games. For that, here are the recommendations for the best offline billiard games for Android:

1. Real Pool 3D

Real Pool 3D is one of the best 3D billiard games with first-person perspective on smartphones. Players can play Real Pool 3D against AI players, or against real people. The graphics are pretty good, but not overwhelming. This game is as close as possible to playing billiards in real life basically.

There are also several game modes to choose from. Players can play 8 Ball, 9 Ball, UK 8 Ball, etc. That’s another reason why this game is considered as one of the best offline billiard games on Android.

The physical elements are also very good, and it feels good to play. If you don’t want to be too serious, users can also play this game in fun mode.

2. Pool Empire

Pool Empire is a great 2D billiards game for Android. This game even has a playable story mode. That story mode allows players to advance and challenge the best billiard players around the world. Players can basically upgrade the way to become a professional player, and get privileges.

The game also offers a PvP mode, where players will compete against random players online. In addition, it has a 14-1 mode. This mode will let players practice their billiards skills, and strengthen their scoring ability. Tournament mode is also included, with 8 players. If you win, players can win various awards.

3. Pool Stars

Pool Stars is a billiards game with great graphics. This game really looks amazing, because players can see even the smallest details in it. Other than that, it’s a very good game in general. Due to the concept of a first-person 3D game, this game is closer to realism than many other games.

However, this game also offers a 2D mode if needed. Players can play career mode here, as single player and can choose whether they prefer 8 Ball or 9 Ball pool. A practice mode is also included and players can also create their own challenges, which can be a lot of fun.

4. Pool Billiards Pro

The following is probably the billiard game for Android that has the best arcade mode. Why? because there are no strict rules in this game. Players are only required to pocket all the balls that are on the table in the required number. There is no time limit and players also don’t need to pay attention to the order of the pockets.

This can be a lot of fun, as it can hone skills. There is also a time mode, but also without rules. But the player has a certain time limit to pocket all the balls. If you prefer a more traditional mode, players can always play versus mode.

5. 8 Ball Hero

8 Ball Hero is another pretty interesting pool game. It comes with very nice graphics, and players can see the audience, players, and various other details. Players can choose a character, and compete in various tournaments here. Players can create characters in editing mode. This game is really full of interesting content to play.

That was the recommendation for the best offline billiard game for Android that can be played. Through the games in the list above, everyone can now play billiards without having to spend a lot of money and energy.