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How to Get 5 Star Genshin Impact Characters, Which One Have You Tried?

How to Get Genshin Impact 5 Star Character

Genshin Impact is Role Playing Game (RPG) themed action. Developed by miHo Yo, games it has Gacha system. Gacha (also called Wish) is defined as a way to get characters or items latest. The highest character is at 5 stars. Here are tips and how to get a 5-star Genshin Impact character that you can try:

1. Make sure to Gacha in the Best Place

Speaking of true Gacha, probably mostly player Genshin Impact would agree that one of the most important factors is position. Many recommendations for positions or locations are considered to bring hockey to do Gacha. Examples of places that are believed to give good luck are the Goddess of Fortuna (the statue of Venti in Mondstadt), the finger of the statue of Barbatos, Bar Diluc, and Izuma.

2. Choose the Right Gacha Time

In addition to choosing the best place, the way to get a 5-star Genshin Impact character that can be done is to set the Gacha time. Lots player believe, time is also a determining factor whether you can get a character or not items 5 stars. The difficulty of getting a dream character makes players willing to wait a long time to get Gacha at the right time.

For example, if you want to do Gacha on the fingers of the statue of Barbatos, it is best to do it at 23:45. At night or rather midnight, it is believed the possibility of getting items 5 stars bigger. However, it is not clear whether this is true.

3. Rate Gacha (Rate On or Rate Off)

Rate Gacha on Ganshin Impact is the possibility to get items or a special star character on a banner. As an explanation, Rate On means that the player will certainly succeed in getting the character or items special star on the banner. The condition is that if the player manages to get a gold star.

For example, on a banner with the special character star Ayaka. A declared player Rate On, then it is certain to get a special star character on the banner (Ayaka). But the condition is that the player can Rate On if you get 5 stars can (Non-limited) such as Qiqi, Keqing, Jean, Diluc and also Mona.

Instead, the player will be declared Rate Off on the next Gacha. With the possibility of getting a character limited or non-limited is 50:50. In essence, a player is guaranteed to get a 5-star character in the 90th Gacha. However, this will automatically bereset if you have managed to get a star character.

4. Myth Single and Multi Gacha

Many Genshin Impact players admit that they are confused about which one is better Single or Multi Gacha. As a notification, Single Gacha is doing Gacha one by one. Whereas Multi Gacha is doing Gacha once but worth 10 times Gacha.

Most think Multi Gacha is the fastest way to get 5-star characters. However, there are also many players who have succeeded by doing Single Gacha. The point is, whatever Gacha’s choice is made, the determinant of each player’s success is different.

5. Ninja Path Through Store

The last tip on how to get a 5-star Genshin Impact character that can be done is to buy Genesis Crystal and Primogem at store. Sound hopeless yes, but for player those who haven’t found luck may try. But it must be remembered, buying in store means that the player must pay real money for the payment process items.

Those are 5 ways to get 5-star Genshin Impact characters that you can try. There’s no guarantee it’s 100% successful, but that’s what it’s called games stay games. good luck and skills is something that can not be separated on games anywhere. Every player has his own luck.