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PUBG Mobile Weapon Accessories You Need to Know

PUBG Mobile Weapon Accessories You Need to Know

The PUBG Mobile game is indeed full of abundant weapons. Even so, there are other things that should not be forgotten, namely accessories. There are also many accessories for pubg mobile weapons that can be found. Of course with usability that can support every battle.

PUBG Mobile is a game that has elements of war between teams. Every weapon in the game can indeed be used even without accessories. But the presence of accessories will certainly increase the ability of weapons in the game. Here are some PUBG weapon accessories that you should know:

1. Extended, Quick Draw, and Extended Quick Draw Magazine

Magazine or where the bullet is indeed a common thing that can be found in the PUBG game. But apparently in this game, magazine have several types. First there extended magazine. This magazine has a quota of more bullets than magazine standard.

Then there is quick draw magazine. Magazine this type does not increase the bullet quota, but this magazine can increase speed reloading. Last one extended quick draw magazine which has the combined ability of both magazine previously.

2. Flash Hider

This accessory has the ability to reduce sparks when shooting. For those who don’t understand, they may think that these accessories seem less important. But actually this accessory is very important for long-range combat because the enemy will find it difficult to anticipate attacks.

In addition to reducing sparks, these accessories can also reduce the recoil rate. Recoil is the ability of a weapon to withstand shock when a bullet is fired. Subtraction recoil this will certainly increase the accuracy of the shot even though the enemy is at a great distance.

3. Compensator

Compensator is a PUBG Mobile weapon accessory that can reduce recoil on weapons. This accessory does not have any other ability besides reducing recoil, but the recoil reduction is very large, namely 25%. Of course this will make players more comfortable using weapons.

It seems that these accessories have become the most sought after accessories in PUBG. How not, in a gunfight battle, accuracy is the most important thing. That’s why players should never forget to find and use compensators in PUBG.

4. Suppressor

PUBG Mobile weapon accessories that should not be forgotten is the Suppressor. Suppressor or Silencer in other languages ​​has the ability to muffle or reduce the sound of weapons. The sound of weapons can sometimes be used by the enemy to find out the location of the threat.

Aside from being a silencer, Suppressor can also reduce the level of sparks so that the enemy does not know the location of the threat. This accessory is perfect for pairing with Sniper or other long-range weapons. In addition, these accessories are also very well used to ambush enemies.

5. Scope

In the PUBG game there are so many scope which can be used. Starting from red dot sight, hello sight, 2x scopeuntil scope 8x. Scope This serves as binoculars, so that objects that are far away can still be seen. This accessory is very useful for long range combat.

Although there are many types scopebut not all scope which can be applied to all weapons. Just an example Scope 8xwhich can only be mounted on weapons Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle. In addition, the use of scope can also reduce alertness, so use it at the right time.

Actually there are many more PUBG Mobile weapon accessories that are not summarized here. In addition there are also accessories that are rare. At least with this article, PUBG Mobie players can find out and recognize the functions of some weapon accessories in PUBG Mobile.