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How to Delete a Hago Account, Just These Easy Steps!

How to Delete Hago Account

Hago is one of the game applications on line which has a lot of fans. Not only children, but almost all ages can play games in it. However, it is not uncommon for users to want to stop playing, or feel that their HP storage is full. How to delete a Hago account is quite easy. Before that, there are several reasons why people want to delete Hago accounts.

Reasons People Delete Hago Accounts

Actually there are several reasons people want to delete their Hago account. Although the game Hago has many choices of games, in fact many people end up getting bored too. It is also what causes people to delete accounts.

Feeling that you don’t get “entertainment” in this application, so you want to replace the application with another. Not only that, there is also for the opposite reason. Where users feel addicted to the game, then want to release the addiction. Well below is how to delete a Hago account that can be practiced easily.

How to Delete Hago Account

Many people are confused about how to delete a hago account, because if you look closely, you can’t find the features used for account deletion. It’s not the user who doesn’t know where it is. However, the developer of this application deliberately did not provide it. Then how to delete it? Here’s the full review:

1. Deleting Account Via Settings On Smartphone

The first thing that can be done as a way to delete the first Hago account is the method of deleting application data. The reason is that after deleting the data, the user account will automatically exit the application. And at that time you can enter the desired new account.

Therefore, users can open the settings section on the cellphone first. After clicking on that section, the application sub menu will appear installed. Where in that section there will be many applications that have been installed installed on HP.

After entering the installed application section, users can search for the Hago application. After that, you will find the clear data and cache sections, so users can click the two buttons alternately. Then automatically the user account will be logout automatically.

2. Deleting Account by Requesting Submission

The two steps above are still limited to temporarily deleting the application. However, user data is actually still stored neatly on the application server. So that the application is completely deleted, the user can request a submission from the Hago developer or customer service this application.

The trick is to make sure the user provides a request for deletion which is done via a message at the CS email address of the Hago application. The email address is [email protected] To simplify the deletion process, make sure to write down the appropriate account data. Because it will be easier for CS to verify the deletion of the account.

3. Delete Account by Uninstalling the Application

If you don’t get a reply from CS Hago regarding the request for deletion. Then the user can delete the application from the cellphone. The method is the same as deleting other applications. First go to the settings section.

Then look for the installed application sub menu, make sure to find the Hago application logo there. Click on that section to then be able to choose to uninstall the application. So with that the Hago application can be deleted from the Internet smartphone used.

Although this method includes temporarily deleting the application, not permanently deleting the account you have. However, at least by deleting the application, the storage space on the cellphone is also reduced.

That’s the easy way to delete a Hago account. So, even if there is no delete button, the user can still delete his Hago account. For more information regarding this application, you can also check the Hago application website at