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It turns out that this is how to get Mobile Legend Hero Fragments Fast and Free!

It turns out that this is how to get Mobile Legend Hero Fragments Fast and Free!

Mobile Legend is an online game by Moonton which has now been acquired by TikTok. This game has millions of loyal players. This is inseparable from Mobile Legend’s continuous innovation. One of the interesting things is the number of heroes with various skills. Interested in getting heroes easily? Check out how to get the following mobile legend hero fragments:

1. Daily Login

This first method is the easiest way to get Mobile Legend hero fragments. Even this method does not require heavy effort from the player. Players only need to login to the Mobile Legend online game application on their cellphone.

Log in regularly every day to get Mobile Legend hero fragments. If players can do it regularly and consistently, players have the opportunity to get 2 Mobile Legend hero fragments every week. This is because there are events that will be held on certain days. So, to take advantage of the opportunity, log in regularly so that players don’t miss out.

2. Lucky Spin

Often collect tickets but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, don’t feel like this ticket is useless, okay! This ticket will be useful for Mobile Legend game players. Not only useful, even the collected tickets can give players a Mobile Legend hero fragment.

The trick is to collect tickets up to 20 pieces. Then exchange tickets to play Lucky Spin. In Lucky Spin there are several prizes that players can get. One of them is the Mobile Legend hero fragment. Players can have the opportunity to get 1 Mobile Legend hero fragment. How? Interested in trying your luck with Lucky Spin?

3. Activity Chest

The Mobile Legend game provides missions for its players. Some missions require varying amounts of time or accomplishment. But for daily missions, players need to complete them within the given deadline to get rewards.

The daily missions that players have completed will be rewarded in the form of activity points. The daily activity points that players can get are 200 points. If these points are collected, players can open other rewards in the form of gift chests. However, if the player can collect his activity points for 4 consecutive days, the player can open the activity chest with the hero fragment reward.

4. Starlight Mission

The way to get other Mobile Legend hero fragments is to complete missions starlight. This mission is one of the attractions of Mobile Legend. This Starlight mission is a monthly skin distribution event from developers for Mobile Legend game players.

To complete this mission, players need to understand the instructions given carefully. Usually this mission lasts for 7 days with a total of 4 stages in it. By completing this mission, the player can level up his starlight. Not only that, every level up, players will receive rewards, one of which is a Mobile Legend hero fragment.

5. Limited Events

Please note that developers are always making events special every time release new skins. The time for this event is not certain. Players need to always be updated with information on Mobile Legend events in order to participate in these events.

Special events held by this developer are limited. This means that this event has a certain deadline. Therefore, players need to know the date of the event and the missions that must be completed during the event. That way, players can get various interesting rewards from the Mobile Legend game. One of them could be the Mobile Legend hero fragment.

Those are five easy and fast ways to get Mobile Legend hero fragments. Basically, Mobile Legend often distributes free hero fragments. To get it, players need to keep updating with various events and of course by opening the application regularly.