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5 Best Home Decorating Games On Android

5 Best Home Decorating Games On Android

Many people want to redecorate the house, but because in reality, this activity is too tiring. Fortunately, there are various virtual ways to do this, one of which is a house decorating game. There seem to be a lot of great home decorating games available. And here are the 5 best home decorating games for Android devices:

1. Home Street

Creating a beautiful house and arranging favorite things in it is very easy with this home decoration game. Players can play it to check whether the player’s idea can be applied to use in real life or not. The decoration material is unique and very beautiful. Everything can be arranged according to taste.

Players can show others the houses created through the community forums. In addition, on Home Street players can organize events and come up with amazing stories. The game offers a variety of fun characters along with a collection of outfits for each character.

2. Property Brothers Home Design

Drew and Jonathan Scott are owners of Property Brother, and will need player assistance with clients. With players’ creativity and interest in interior design, players can help them achieve their clients’ dreams and demands. With Drew and Jonathan, players will demonstrate, renovate, customize and design all kinds of spaces in the style of clients’ requests.

Learn tips and tricks from the twins and discover interesting facts! Players will be surprised because Drew and Scott will help players achieve their dream of becoming an interior designer. Property Brothers Design Home also has relaxing puzzles that you can play to earn coins. Learn how to renovate a shabby apartment and make it look brand new!

3. My Home – Dream Design

This game will help the player to design a house like the one in the player’s imagination. This gives each player a ready-made house without any special decorations and lets the player do it. Many beautiful items and furniture are there for design purposes. Only through fingertips, players can decorate the house as they wish.

There are different characters that will guide and entertain so that players will find it easy and fun when playing. Players can see many beautiful houses and places designed by others and make them as a reference. For fun, brainstorming and access to more materials, players can also play match-3 puzzles.

4. Kawaii Home Design

For everyone who loves fashion games and home decoration, this is a great game. Players can play to test their skills in the field of interior design. To further encourage players, this home decoration game provides an interesting story where players have to carry out the “design” business.

Players will meet several clients and will get the opportunity to meet the needs of these clients. Players will have all the decorating tools and will feel like a design master. Along with various furniture, there are many amazing things that can be used. This home decorating game also provides competitions, prizes, avatars, boutiques and much more.

5. House Flipper

House Flipper is a PC game that was successfully ported to Android. As the name implies, players here will work as a house flipper. Players will buy a bad house at a low price and decorate it as well as possible and then resell it at a high price. In addition, players can also take a backup job as a summoned house decorator.

Those were the 5 best home decorating games for Android devices that can be played. With the games above, players can now feel the experience of decorating a house without having to spend energy and time.