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How to Use the Entertainment-Full RCTI Plus App

How to Use the Entertainment-Full RCTI Plus App

How to Use the RCTI Plus Application – Many applications now provide videos that are fun to watch. Not infrequently, several television stations make special applications for their shows. This was well received by the television station’s loyal viewers. For example, by using the RCTI plus application.

Among the existing viewing applications, RCTI plus provides audio, visual entertainment, as well as light and easy games. Users can enjoy a lot of entertainment in one application. For that users can use the following methods:

1. Downloading the RCTI Plus App

The RCTI plus application is a means to watch shows and videos that you want to watch from TV. This application has been downloaded by five million users. Released on August 7, 2022, this app is also available on Android and iOS devices.

2. Create an Account

How to use the next RCTI Plus application, users are asked to create an account. By creating an account, users can subscribe and receive notifications of certain features. Users simply create an account with an email address or phone number. Registering with social media is not yet provided. This is better because the info on social media accounts is too detailed.

3. Watching TV Stations

How to use the RCTI Plus application by utilizing features that users can enjoy are four TV station shows that can be watched by streaming or catch up on the last seven days of television stations, starting from RCTI, GTV, MNC TV, as well as iNews. There are reality shows, soap operas, variety shows, and so on that can be watched with this application

4. Watching Videos

In addition to television shows, users can also watch several other video content, such as movies and drama series from several countries. Users can use the search feature in this application. Users simply type the title of the video they want to watch. Users can also download first. and watch when you have free time

Users don’t need any additional subscription fees to watch any videos. All can be watched only with an internet connection. For streaming video, it is recommended that users have a stable network and quota. This is for the smooth running of the program being watched

5. Listening to Radio

In addition to visual shows, users can listen to streaming radio throughout Indonesia. There are also podcast broadcasts that can be listened to through this application. Users can also choose and search in the search feature for what radio or podcast they want to turn on. There are various radio channels that users can listen to. There are also news channels, youth radio, and voice dramas that you can enjoy. The songs that are playing also follow the trend

6. Uploading Talent Content

Another interesting feature, users can record acting and singing videos with this application. Users can also upload the video. Later the user’s talent will be witnessed by many application downloaders. In this feature, users can support each other by giving likes or good comments. If many people like the talent of users, there will be opportunities to work more and become famous

7. Play Games Instant

With tagline “One App All Entertainment”, this app has features games instant that can be enjoyed in the application. Games also served games easy to play light. Games they have are quite diverse and not boring. That’s how to use the RCTI plus application. Like television, users can enjoy any shows only from their cellphones. The wiser to face this technological advancement, users are expected to be more productive.