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5 Ways to Fix Unreadable Memory Card

5 Ways to Fix Unreadable Memory Card

5 Ways to Fix Unreadable Memory Cards – Memory cards are small storage devices that are usually used on cell phones. Despite its small size, memory cards can store many files in a large enough capacity. However, sometimes the memory card has problems where it cannot be read by the device. For that, here are 5 ways to fix an unreadable memory card:

1. Check On Other Devices

Before starting a repair solution, it’s a good idea for the user to know in advance which part is damaged. The user should check whether the damaged memory card or damage actually occurs in the reader slot. It is useful to know which repair solution can be used. To check, insert the memory card into another device.

After the memory card is inserted into another device and can be read clearly, then the damage may occur in the reader slot. In this way, the user needs to fix the slot. If it is paired to another device and it is still unreadable, then it can be ascertained that the damage is on the SD Card.

2. Clean Memory Card

Before getting into more technical repair solutions, users can try to clean the memory card. It sounds trivial but sometimes it can have a positive impact. SD cards that are often removed and installed are susceptible to various types of dirt such as dust and other particles. This may be the reason why the device cannot detect the SD card.

To clean the stuck dust, users can use a soft cloth or tissue. This is so that the memory card is not scuffed and scratched. If dirt adheres to the brass chip, the user should clean it more thoroughly. To clean the dirt on the chip, it is recommended to use a stationery eraser.

3. Use CMD Command

The next way to fix an unreadable memory card is to use the CMD command. Command Prompt (CMD) is a Windows built-in tool that is useful for solving various types of problems. With CMD, users can also fix an unreadable SD card on the device.

To run CMD, users can press the Windows + R combination key simultaneously. After that, type the command ‘cmd’ in the search field and press Enter. If CMD is already open, just type the CHKSDK command. Press Enter and wait for a few seconds. The computer will automatically repair all types of damage experienced by the memory card.

4. Show Hidden Files

Memory that is often moved from one device to another is usually vulnerable to virus attacks. Viruses that infect the memory card will hide all the contents of the file so that the memory card cannot be read. This causes the device not to detect a file because the file was previously hidden.

To check for hidden files, plug the SD Card into the reader slot on the computer. After that, go to File Manager, select the View Tab, and check the ‘Show hidden files’ box. Users can also use the CMD command to show these hidden files. Run CMD and type command attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l then press Enter. Wait until the process is complete.

5. Format Memory Card

If you have followed all the instructions above but the SD card is still unreadable, then the last solution you can try is to format the memory card. Insert the memory card into the computer and open File Manager. Right-click on the memory card icon and click Format. Wait a moment until the memory is completely formatted completely.

Those were 5 ways to fix an unreadable memory card that you can try. With the explanation above, users now don’t need to be confused anymore if at any time the memory card has problems.