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How to Play Sakura School Simulator Game on Android

How to Play Sakura School Simulator Game on Android

Games Sakura School Simulator is a game on line which comes from the developer Garusoft Development Incand. Most players games this is a girl. This is a type games the simulator that the main character inside gamesit’s a girl. But there might still be players games who don’t understand how to play games Sakura School Simulator on Android? Below will be explained about the steps:

1. Install the Game

First, all you have to do is install the game first. The Sakura School Simulator game can be downloaded and installed via the Google Play Store for free. However, users can also download it through certain sites in the Mod Apk version. The game has been downloaded by more than five million users on the Play Store.

2. Changing Characters and Talking to Other Characters

The second order of how to play this game is that players can change characters games. In general from settings games, the main character is a girl. However, when a gamer want to change it to a male character, then this can be done as well. You just need to go to the menu “character change“, then there just choose “boy”” Done.

In addition to changing characters, players can also talk to other characters directly. Try to say hello or chat with the other characters inside games. The method is quite easy, with the player approaching another character, then clicking the “talk” to start a conversation and select the desired sentence.

3. Hitting Other Characters

In this Sakura School Simulator game, players can hit other characters in the game. How to play games Sakura School Simulator like this is perfect for a player who is emotional and can’t control his emotions. By hitting other characters in this game, you can vent your emotions or anger towards this game. Characters that are hit cannot die, they can only faint and then wake up again in a few moments.

The method is quite easy, players only need to press a button with a picture of their hand. The button with the image of the hand is more precisely the hand that is clenched as if it will punch. In addition, players can also press the attack button in the game.

4. Complete the Mission

In this Sakura School Simulator game there are also missions that can be run by players. Complete the mission to get back to the storyline. The missions given are varied and quite a lot of them are learning ballet dance, climbing roller coaster or maybe to defeat the Yakuza leader.

To complete the mission, the method is quite easy, players just press the “mission” or on the image of the trophy. Then, several mission menus will appear that can be run by players. The mission inside games This is enough so that the player can run it freely whichever mission.

5. Go Somewhere

The players who play games this can visit a place on foot or by using jetpack. Players can also go to other places quickly, simply by opening move area then select the places you want to visit. By visiting other places, you will get a fun and interesting game atmosphere.

After knowing how to play games This Sakura School Simulator, are you more interested in trying it? This game is quite large at 115 MB but what’s wrong with trying the fun of this game. In addition, in this game the player can determine the flow of the game himself.