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5 Horror Games That Can Be Happy on Android

5 Horror Games That Can Be Happy on Android

Lover games it’s not legal if you don’t try genre this one. Horror-themed or dark games, this game will get your adrenaline pumping and feel scary. But calm down, games This can be played in groups. Here are 7 recommendations games Horror that can stretch on Android for the cowardly, include:

1. Slender Man: Hide and Seek

Slender Man is a spooky, towering ghost. As people believe, games it also depicts a similar Slender Man visualization. Games This horror that can be stretched on Android can be played by 4 players. One of the players plays the role of Slender Man, and the other 3 play the role of a schoolboy (student).

In the game, the student is tasked with finding dolls hidden in chests and scattered around the location. During missions, students must hide and avoid Slender Man’s capture. Running away or doing resistance can be an option to avoid being caught by Slender Man.

2. Horror Field

Second recommendation games the playable horror is Horror Field. Settings The game takes place in an abandoned mental hospital filled with spooky creatures. Games made by Skytec Game is themed action. There are more than 3 players and you are free to choose characters virtual.

Playable characters include basketball players, engineerdoctor, thief, police officer, mercenaries or scientist. Each character has uniqueness and different skills. In addition, there are also various spooky monster characters that will make goosebumps goosebumps, including butcher, cultist, ghost, and beasts.

3. Left to Survive

Left to Survive is games TPS Action Zombie Shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world. In his visualization, the world is ruled by zombies. Games it can be played online multiplayerthen players can form teams and devise plans to fight against the zombie invasion.

Players must work together to save other survivors. Players also have to build a safe refugee camp and collect various weapons of war from the arsenal. Various kinds of weapons can be used to take over the earth from the invading hungry zombies.

4. Horror Hunt

Horror Hunt as the name suggests is games hunting-themed horror. Hunting monsters and trying to kill each other is the main mission in games this. There are 5 people who can play it, and one of them acts as a monster. While the other 4 people as hunters.

Monsters must search for hidden totems to gather power and open portals of darkness. The goal is to bring the nightmare world and its troops to attack and conquer the earth. The hunters are tasked with killing monsters and saving the earth from the attacks of hell creatures.

5. Dead Trigger 2

Games The next horror that can grow on Android is Dead Trigger 2. Themed survival, players must complete missions against zombies that eat humans. Different from most games shooter another zombie-themed, on games This is called First Person Shooter (FPS).

Equipped with more than 600 playable war scenarios. There are more than 70 kinds of weapons such as pistols, rifles, SMGs, minigun, and rockets. There are also melee weapons in the form of a wrench, hammer, katana, saw, sword and machete.

Interested in mabar games horror above? Download for free on Android respectively. Not only fun, 5 recommendations games This horror that can be stretched on Android is also equipped with a capable graphics system and real visualization. Play games horror will feel more real and challenging.