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How to Overcome Gopay Balance Not Entering the User's Gojek Application

How to Overcome Gopay Balance Not Entering the User's Gojek Application

How to Overcome Gopay Balance Not Entering the Gojek Application – Gojek is an application that saves the daily lives of Indonesian people today. Every community group needs this one application, Gojek also presents the latest innovation, Gopay. This innovation can be likened to an e-Wallet, of course this Gopay has shortcomings, one of which is in Gopay balance transactions. This is the biggest issue of Gopay at this time, there are several ways to overcome the gopay balance not entering. This method has also been informed by Gojek as one of the solutions provided by the provider.

However, readers must first identify some of the causes of incoming balance disturbances. The goal is to prevent the condition of not entering the balance from occurring. Of course it would be better to prevent than to overcome something that has happened. These are some of the causes that affect the balance that does not enter the Gopay account and how to overcome the gopay balance not entering.

Get to know more about the reason why your Gopay balance doesn’t come in

There are so many aspects that affect the occurrence of the balance in the Gopay account not entering. Some of these aspects can be influenced by external and internal factors. External purposes are parties from outside Gojek users and applications, while internal are Gojek users and applications. The following are some of the causes of the Gopay balance not being credited to the user’s account:

Some Effective Ways To Overcome Gopay Balances That Don’t Enter

There are several ways that users must do to overcome the problem of balances that do not enter the user’s Go Pay account. Some of these methods are also used based on guidelines that have been made directly from Gojek. This method has been used by so many people and has proven to be successful. Here are some ways that users have to do is as follows:

1. Perform Steps to Open and Close Applications Several Times

The easiest and very first step the user must do is open and close the application. Sometimes the application experiences a slight disturbance so that it makes it seem as if the balance does not enter, but in fact it does. It is highly recommended to do this several times to be sure of everything that is happening.

2. Make sure the cellphone number used is correct

This is a basic step that users must take, namely ensuring that the user has used the cellphone number registered in the Gojek and Gopay accounts. Pay attention to this, it may seem very trivial, but it is very fatal, if it happens. It can be stated that the user’s balance is in another account. This is the reason why the user’s balance does not increase.

3. Review the Purchase History that Happened

Users are also required to review the history of purchases that have occurred either in mobile banking or receipts obtained from officers. Double check carefully that the process top up the balance has been successful in carrying out the transaction. It doesn’t stop there, but users also have to check the history listed on Gojek has appeared or not.

4. Ensure Maximum Balance Must Have

In fact, it turns out that Gopay applies a maximum balance to each user. For users who have not done upgrade account will only get Rp 2,000,000, different from users who have done upgrade will get IDR 10,000,000. Make sure the user’s balance is sufficient, because the balance that exceeds the limit will not be approved by the system that has been set.

5. Wait for 2 X 24 Hours

This method is the last method that users can use if all the previous methods do not work effectively. Users who have entered this condition must wait at least 2 X 24 hours in advance, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. Users who still don’t get their balance after waiting 2 X 24 hours, the user can contact Gojek to submit a complaint.

Here are some ways to deal with gopay balances that don’t come in that can be recommended. Of course, it is still recommended for users when topping up funds in a Go Pay account to always pay attention to some of the biggest opportunities for these causes. However, this is the best step that can be taken and has proven to be very successful.