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How to Fix a Dead Headset? Let's Find Out!

How to Fix a Dead Headset

How to Fix a Dead Headset – Some people may not be able to get away from the name headset. Its presence often accompanies every daily activity. If an error occurs, such as a sudden death, it will certainly irritate the user. It’s good to know how to fix headset one that dies as a proper treatment.

Not a few take shortcuts to buy headset new. First, try the following solutions first. What are some ways that can be tried? Let’s see the complete information below!

If Damage to Speaker

As mentioned earlier, how to fix headset one who dies can go through several ways. To get the right solution, you must know the cause. Next, apply the right way to deal with it.

headset which does not work can be due to damaged parts speaker or on the cable. If headset not working properly due to damaged components speakerthen how to fix it is as follows:

What If The Cable Section Is Damaged?

Apart from damaged components speakerdamaged cables can also make headset does not work. How to fix headset one that dies can be done with the following steps. Each step must be done carefully, so as not to cause new damage.

If the problem is with the cable, you will usually find a peeling cable on the cable headset. Before buying headset new, it’s good to try the following tips. Let’s find out!

1. Prepare the Tools and Materials to be Used

First of all, make sure the tools and materials to be used are ready. The equipment needed is scissors and tape. Use scissors that are not too big or small, so they are more comfortable to use. In addition, it is recommended to choose a tape with good adhesion, so it is not easy to open.

2. Find Damage Area

Next, find the area of ​​the cable that is predicted to be damaged. If the cable is peeling, this method can be skipped. The way to find out can be palpated, or bend the cable area carefully and slowly. If you hear a sound on the part of the cable you can feel, it’s likely that the area is damaged.

3. Exfoliate

If a damaged/disconnected cable area has been found, perform surgery on the cable. Peel the damaged area in a longitudinal direction of about 5 cm. Do it carefully to avoid new damage to the components headset. Cut the cable area carefully, making sure not to cut other good cables.

4. Connecting the Broken Cable Area

Reconnect the disconnected cable using the tape provided. Use special cable tape or clear tape with good adhesion. Make sure that the broken cable is connected to a wire of the same color. If it’s already connected, make sure it doesn’t hit other cables to avoid damage.

5. Do the Test

If every way fix headset the one that dies has been done, then do the testing. Perform any audio playback to find out the function headset. Do it repeatedly to ensure that headset can be used as usual.

Well, that’s how to fix headset who died next door. Make sure every step is done carefully. This is done so as not to trigger other damage to the headset. If you are in doubt, you can ask for help from a more experienced expert.