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6 Ways to Overcome iCloud Full on Iphone Properly

6 Ways to Overcome iCloud Full on Iphone

6 Ways to Overcome iCloud Full on Iphone – Please note that smartphone currently use not only internal or external storage, but also cloud storage. Apple is no exception, which uses it or more familiarly called iCloud. However, it is not uncommon to find iCloud notifications that are too full, here are 6 ways to deal with iCloud full on iPhone properly:

1. Delete iCloud Backup

In a full iCloud, deleting a backup is one way of dealing with a full iCloud storage. It’s easy, enter settings then enter iCloud by previously filling in which device is used. After that, click on the storage section. Various devices will appear and select the device you want to delete the backup by clicking the “turn off and delete” option.

2. Unimportant Photos Deleted

Storage on iCloud is usually connected to the photo gallery. So that automatically the photos stored in the gallery will enter iCloud. And not infrequently iPhone users will often take selfies up to dozens of times.

No wonder this is the cause of iCloud filling up too quickly. Therefore, deleting images or photos from both the photo gallery and others that are deemed unimportant will be a solution. In addition, you can also move photos from iPhone to laptop.

3. If Needed, Also Delete Files in iCloud

Not only photos, users may not be aware that files piled up to be the cause of the full iCloud. Usually users who are still in school or college are not aware of how many files useless on iPhone. File This may come from lecture assignments or articles, journals from lecturers.

For location files itself there is an iCloud Drive section. After that, go to a certain folder that contains dozens of files. Continue by selecting some files which is to be deleted. Removal files this can be done permanently so that after deleting it will make more space on iCloud free.

4. Delete Message In Email

It is undeniable that attachments, text messages in emails will automatically go to iCloud. So that there is no harm in iCloud being full, it can be reduced by deleting messages or attachments in emails that are no longer important. In addition, it is also easier to find files important things that might pile up under files the.

5. iCloud Saver by Backing Up Specific Apps

The next thing that can be used as a way to deal with full iCloud on iPhone is to save iCloud. These savings can be made by de-connecting all apps to be backed up in iCloud.

The first way is to open settings and then enter the registered account name. After that, you can continue by clicking on the manage storage section. Then go to backup and select the account to use. If so, you can choose what applications you want to back up. So that other unselected applications can be disabled or not automatically linked to iCloud.

6. Upgrades with an iCloud Subscription

iCloud itself is actually a free application. However, it is only limited to 5 GB for each account or user. So if users want to increase iCloud storage space, they can subscribe to the application. For the price per month that must be paid varies depending on the amount of space provided.

For example, to get 50 GB of storage space, you can pay 15 thousand per month. As for 200 GB users have to pay around 45 thousand. And for 2 TB about 150 thousand. The price of course has been adjusted to the amount of space provided by iCloud to its customers.

So that’s 6 ways to deal with full iCloud on iPhone properly. Of course, by saving files via iCloud it will be easier for when the time is accessed again. In addition, it also does not cause the iPhone’s internal memory to be full.