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How to Check Indihome WiFi Speed ​​Guaranteed Effective

How to Check Indihome WiFi Speed ​​Guaranteed Effective

How to Check Indihome WiFi Speed ​​– Indihome is a service product developed by Telkom as an agent on the internet that is available throughout Indonesia. As is known, this package from indihome always offers the best internet speed. Starting from the highest to the lowest speed, then how do you check the speed of this Indihome WiFi?

After knowing about the Mbps speed obtained from this Indihome internet, it is necessary to know after checking the speed. Usually already available on a special web provided by Telkom. This speed measurement is very easy to do either on a cellphone or laptop or computer. Here are some ways to check Indihome WiFi speed:

1. Go to Indihome Official Site

The first thing to do from how to check the speed of this Indihome WiFi is to visit the official Indihome website. The address from Indihome itself is After entering the web, there will be an option to measure the internet speed that has been provided by Telkom to be accessed. Usually it will be listed at the beginning of the page when you first come to the official website from Indihome. It is a round image and it says GO or Start.

2. Wait Until the Go Button Appears

The second step is to wait for the GO button to appear or the words Start. This is done to be able to access the WiFi speed check. So, you need to press the GO button to start checking. If the GO button is out, click GO and wait for the next step.

The Go button appears shortly according to the speed of the internet when checking. Make sure to always pay attention to the internet to stay connected. If disconnected will hinder future checks or may not be accurate.

3. Waiting for Results of WiFi Speed

The third is to wait for the results of the WiFi speed that has started. The result will be known after 30 seconds later. If the results haven’t appeared yet, you can immediately repeat it again to press the GO button and wait for the results again. Later the results of the check will not take long and quickly to come out according to the speed of the internet at the time of checking. Always make sure the internet is not slow or the connection is always connected.

4. Information Appears

Fourth, after appearing from the WiFi speed, the next thing will appear further information that is explained. Is the package taken is appropriate or is it wrong? If it is in accordance with the package taken, see more complete information about the whole. If it doesn’t match the package you take, you can contact directly customer service from Indihomenya and immediately explained the problems experienced.

5. Pay attention to the things that have been mentioned above

Finally, how to check Indihome WiFi speed is to pay attention to the things above that have been mentioned. Usually there will be information about when the internet limit has reached, or a device that may exceed the limit, or the affected WiFi hacks. In fact, it could be that the internet is in trouble.

Above is an explanation of how to check the speed of Indihome WiFi which is easy for anyone to do anywhere and anytime. Only by visiting the official website of indihome itself and a GO button will appear to start checking. For the results that come out usually lead to the packets being picked up by the user.

There are times when this speed test does not match the package that has been selected. It could be that there is a limit to the usage beyond the normal range by the user. For information that users must know is that the speed is felt to drop after it has reached the 25th or it could be at the end of the month.