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Wifi Error and Can't ON on Samsung Cellphones? Here's How To Overcome It

How to Overcome Wifi Error and Can’t On on Samsung Cellphones – In using a smartphone, wifi is the most stable internet network source. Therefore, using wifi is more effective than mobile data. In addition, using wifi is considered to be more battery efficient than using a cellular data plan.

How to Overcome Wifi Error and Can't On on Samsung Cellphones

However, this wifi often experiences errors and can not connected so that it becomes a problem when surfing the internet. Especially if you are working on an important task.

Well, for those of you whose wifi network is often problematic, see 5 ways to overcome wifi errors and can’t turn on on the following Samsung cellphones.

How to Overcome Wifi Error and Can’t On on Samsung Cellphones

1. Restart Device

Wifi errors can be caused by many factors and generally it cannot be determined where the error is. However, often this wifi error condition is only temporary because the smartphone is experiencing over activity.

To overcome this, smartphone owners only need to refresh their device by restarting (reboot). In addition, you can also turn off the device for 2 minutes and turn it back on.

Before turning off the device, make sure to turn off the wifi connection first.

2. Restart Wifi Connection

If the wifi error problem occurs suddenly while the connection is in use, you can try to solve it by restarting the wifi connection. Do the on/off wifi until the connection conditions can live again.

In addition, you can also permanently disconnect the wifi network by forgetting the network in the wifi settings and then reconnecting it by entering the password.

3. Dialup Settings

How to solve the wifi error and can’t be on on other Samsung cellphones is to use dialup settings. This setting serves to check the condition of the wifi. The steps are:

  • Enter the Dialup (call) menu on Android.
  • Next type *#*#526#*#*then the device will automatically read the wifi.
  • After that, press the button Options and select RX Test.
  • Then select the Channel text and select channel > 9 from the options provided.
  • The next step is to click Start to start testing and reading wifi. Wait about 2-3 minutes then click Stop to stop it.
  • The last step, restart the device and try to restart the wifi on Android.

4. Restart Router

In addition to network conditions and cellphones, the problem of not connecting wifi can also be located on the router. For that, restart the wifi router you are using.

To be more optimal, you can turn it off and let the router rest for about 5-10 minutes and then turn it back on. After that, try to check via Android whether the wifi can be connected.

5. Clear Cache and Antivirus

Another way that can be done to overcome the wifi can’t turn on is by clearing all junk data through clear cache.

In addition, clear all data on wifi and forget all wifi networks that have ever been connected. After that, the user can reconnect them one by one.

In addition to cleaning junk data, Android owners can also use antivirus applications because errors in wifi can also be caused by viruses. To make it easier, you can use a cleaning application that is equipped with an antivirus.

So, those were 5 ways to solve wifi error and can’t turn on on a Samsung cellphone that can be used as a reference. On some cellphones, in addition to the above method, it can also be done by rooting Android.

What is clear, try the light method first, if you still can’t do a factory reset or at worst bring it to a computer service center Samsung to find out the cause and how to fix it.