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Buying a Second HP Safe? Here are 5 ways to check used Samsung cellphones

Buying a Second HP is Safer? Here are 5 ways to check used Samsung cellphones – The gadget market is one of the most promising business opportunities because its existence is able to become a primary human need. Unfortunately, the selling price of Android is experiencing a rapid decline.

How to Check Used Samsung Cellphones

Therefore, not a few people choose to buy used cellphones to minimize losses. But, you also have to be careful to get the best stuff.

So, so as not to be harmed, here are 5 ways to check used Samsung cellphones for consideration.

5 Ways to Check the Most Powerful Samsung Bekasi Cellphones

1. Check Physical Condition

Before looking further at device performance, the first check that needs to be done when buying a used Samsung cellphone is to look at the physical condition.

This check is carried out as a whole on the HP body, starting from the condition of the case, camera to the screen.

If the condition is still good, there are no severe scratches or breaks due to falling, then it is still worth buying.

In addition, you also need to look at the condition of the seal. Usually if the condition of the seal is open then the item has been dismantled (repaired).

2. Check Boot Speed

Another check that can be done to find out whether or not a used Samsung cellphone is purchased is a boot speed check. If the boot is slow, it indicates a decrease in performance on the device.

The way to check boot speed is to turn off the battery and remove all external components (battery, SIM and micro SD). After that install and restart the HP.

Count the time when you press the power button until the home screen appears.

In addition, you can also compare with other HP that is considered normal. This serves to determine whether the boot speed is smooth or intermittent.

3. Check System Condition

After the two checks above, another check that must be done is to check the condition of the system. This check serves to determine whether the system is still capable or has decreased. Checking the condition of the system can be done using a secret code.

For Samsung cellphones, users simply press the button *#0*# on the dialpad menu. Next, several standard device check options will appear, such as screen condition, vibration, sensors, touch screen, speakers, camera, LED and several other conditions.

In addition, you can also check HP information by calling *#*#4636#*#*. There you will be presented with complete information regarding program statistics and battery condition.

4. Check Warranty

It is also necessary to check the warranty when buying a used Samsung cellphone. This garage will provide guarantees to potential buyers if there is damage later.

Not bad, if there is a guarantee the repair costs can be borne by the developer. Checking this warranty condition can be asked directly to the HP seller.

5. Check IMEI

Lastly, check the IMEI. These checks are often overlooked because they are not very important. In fact, this IMEI number can be used to find out the legality of a cellphone. The IMEI on the device should be the same as the number listed on the HP box.

IMEI check can be done by typing the code *#06# on the dialpad. Next, a 15-digit number will appear. In addition to the box, IMEI is also listed on the HP battery.

In addition to knowing the legality, IMEI can also be used as a source of information on where the goods are produced. This country code can be seen on the 7th and 8th digits.

By knowing the country of manufacture, you can predict the quality of the device.

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So, those were 5 ways to check a used Samsung cellphone that can be used as a reference before buying a second cellphone. May be useful.