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Why Can't Check Telkomsel Credit? Here's the Solution

Can't Check Telkomsel Credit

The error cannot check Telkomsel pulses is usually caused by network trouble, so how do you fix it? You can do some of the tips that we will give this time.

Many are confused when checking Telkomsel credit, but a message appears sorry that we cannot process your request. Of course this makes users annoyed because they can’t check their Telkomsel card credit.

We should not immediately blame the operator, because the problem can be caused by several things that we may not know.

Reasons for not being able to check Telkomsel credit

Maybe some users immediately think that something bad happened to the Telkomsel card or cellphone used. There are several things that can be the cause of not being able to check Telkomsel credit below:

  • Card blocked.
  • The card’s active period has expired.
  • Error signal.
  • Phone problem.
  • In grace period.
  • Interference from the provider.

However, from some of the causes above, usually the most common are errors on the cellphone and signal.

Therefore, here Bungdus will provide some tips that you can do to overcome it. Don’t worry, because these tips are very easy to do.

How to Overcome Unable to Check Telkomsel Credit

Restart Phone

The most effective way to deal with not being able to check Telkomsel credit is to restart the phone (turn it off and then on again). Because generally the problem is caused because the phone has a system error so it must be rebooted again.

Devices that are turned on continuously are not good for the system and also the durability of the device. Moreover, smartphones, these devices need what is called a “short break” from the rush of processes that run all day.

Switch Network Mode

Switch Network Mode

The problem can also be caused by the cellphone network mode being set to 4G Only. Meanwhile, to be able to carry out communications such as sms, telephone and call the USSD code, a 3G or 2G network is required.

So maybe you can’t check Telkomsel credit because the cellphone is in a 4G state all the time. Please change to automatic mode or setting to 3G / 2G and try again.

On every smartphone this menu is not the same, but you can look for it in the cellular network section.

Check Active Period

The active period can also be one of the causes, especially since your card is entering a grace period where in this case the card will not be able to be used for communication such as receiving calls, sending SMS and surfing the internet.

The only way to deal with this is by reloading. For the ace card that I use, if it is filled with credit, the card will automatically get an active period of 30 days.

Contact Telkomsel CS

Contacting Telkomsel customer service can be the last solution that can be done. You can ask if there is a network repair that is causing network trouble or if there are other technical things that cause your card to not be able to check credit.

You can contact Telkomsel CS in various ways, such as via social media, phone numbers and email.

Or you can also contact Telkomsel via the Virtual Assistant which has been prepared below:

Make sure before contacting Telkomsel you have prepared the cellphone number that is having problems. They even sometimes ask for information on the 16 numbers listed on the back of the card.

Alternative to Telkomsel Credit Check

Alternative to Telkomsel Credit Check

If by doing some of the methods above but it doesn’t work, you can use several alternatives to check credit, such as using the MyTelkomsel application which is available for Android and iPhone devices.

In this application you can see remaining credit, active internet packages, active period, number info to make calls, sms and internet packages.

MyTelkomsel also often offers superdeal combo package promos including internet, call and sms packages which are built in one package. Amazingly, the package also includes a GameMax quota bonus, unlimited access to social media, chat and music.

Telkomsel Card Can’t Check Credit and Phone?

If you experience that you can’t check your credit and calls on your Telkomsel card, it could be because the card is in the grace period. The solution must be to top up with a minimum of 5 thousand rupiah so that you can still communicate such as telephone, sms and internet.

However, if your card has passed the grace period, the card cannot be reused and there will be no signal, nor will it enter if it is reloaded.

If you want to reactivate the number, you can come to the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI to ask for it to be reactivated. But usually it will cost you around 50 thousand to 100 thousand.

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Well, those are some of the reasons why you can’t check Telkomsel credit and how to overcome them. Hopefully useful and please share if this article helps.