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What is the Scout Movement's Motto? This is the Meaning and Effect

Scout Movement Motto

Have you ever heard or sang the lyrics of the Scout Hymn? Scout Hymn is the organization’s mandatory song, so those of you who are Scout members should know this song.

In the opening lyric, the motto of the Scout movement is mentioned in that section. Here are the lyrics of the song:

‘We are Indonesian Scouts, Pancasila Humans are Satyaku, I share my Dharma, I dedicate it to the glory of Indonesia, Indonesia, my homeland, we are your guide’

Do you know which fragment the Scouts use as the motto of their movement?

What is the Scout Movement’s Motto?

The sound of the Scout movement’s motto is none other than the part: “I devour my satyaku, I devote my dharma.”

The motto is the motto of the Scout members which was created with the aim of uplifting the spirit of the Scout members. The motto is also closely related to the Scout’s vision and mission.

To find out the meaning of this motto, first know what the contents of Darma and Satya are Scout members. Satya and Darma Pramuka is a code of honor for Scout members. The following is the content of the honor code.

Scout Member Honorary Code: Satya and Darma

Tri Satya Scouts:

In my honor, I promise and will mean it:

  1. Carry out my obligations towards God and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia
  2. Helping others in life and preparing to build society
  3. Obeying the Dasa Dharma

Dasa Dharma Scouts:

  1. Taqwa to God Almighty
  2. Love for nature and affection to us fellow human
  3. Courteous patriots and knights
  4. Obedient and likes to discuss
  5. Willing to help and steadfast
  6. Diligent, skilled and happy
  7. Thrifty, careful and unpretentious
  8. Discipline, brave and loyal
  9. Responsible and trustworthy
  10. Pure in thought, word and deed

More complete => Dasa Darma Scouts (Meaning, Meaning and Content)

Don’t just memorize and understand the Scout’s motto and code of honor. To be more useful, do it in everyday life. You can try it by inserting the Satya and Darma in their daily activities as Scouts or in everyday life.

In this way the planting of the Scout motto can take place naturally and gradually in each individual student.

The Influence of the Scout Movement Motto on Scout Members

If you really do it, the motto that reads I devour my satyaku, I devote my dharma.”will give you some influence in life.

  • Increase self-confidence in each Scout member
  • Adding a sense of enthusiasm to serve the community, nation and country
  • Have readiness and stability to practice Satya and Dasa Darma Scouts
  • Brings out a sense of pride and enthusiasm at the same time
  • Making Scout members have the grip, foundation, foundation, principles of life in their service later

Try shouting the motto “I devour my satya, I dedicate my dharma” together with other Scouts. The loud, boisterous voices and cheers of other members make us feel like there are sparks of enthusiasm mixed with goosebumps.

Scout Movement Motto Library

The motto of the Scout Movement is based on the following literature:

  1. AD & ART of the Scout Movement, (RI Presidential Decree No. 34 of 1999 & KaKwarnas Decree No. 107 of 1999). color. Jakarta, 1999.
  2. Atmasulistya, Endy R, Drs. H. Scouting, Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow. color. Jakarta.
  3. Scouting An Educational System. WSB, Geneva

The Scouting motto is affirmed in the Scout Movement’s AD ART, precisely in article 22, which is also stated in the Boy Scouts’ mandatory song, the Scout Hymn.

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This motto must be lived so that Scouts cannot be separated from efforts to realize satya and practice Dharma in all aspects of life. So, even if this is just a sentence, please don’t make it a mere arrangement of words. But as if he was your promise, the Scouts’ promise “I devour my satya, I devote my dharma”.

Scout salute!