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What is the Minimum BRI Transfer? Can it be under IDR 50,000?

Minimum BRI Transfer

The minimum BRI transfer is IDR 10,000, this is the nominal that applies to transfers to other BRI banks or other banks.

But unfortunately, many BRI customers fail to transfer because the minimum transfer is too small. Even though the money they transferred was above IDR 10,000, what was the problem?

A minimum transfer of IDR 10,000 means that you cannot transfer below the nominal 10 thousand, and you must transfer between 10 thousand or above 10 thousand, right?

But why when someone transfers to another account with a nominal value of 20 thousand, 30 thousand, 40 thousand or 50 thousand it still fails?! Even though it’s over 10 thousand.

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What is the problem!!!?

Minimum BRI Bank Transfer and Problems Why Can’t Transfer Under Rp 50,000

You can transfer BRI at least Rp. 10 thousand. This nominal applies to transfers to other BRI or other banks.

However, if you transfer to another bank, you will be charged an admin fee of IDR 6,500 rupiah.

  • The minimum transfer is valid at an ATM machine, then what about other transfer media, for example via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Teller, and others?
  • Minimum BRI Bank transfer via Internet Banking: IDR 10,000
  • Minimum BRI Bank transfer via Mobile Banking: IDR 10,000
  • Minimum BRI Bank transfer via SMS Banking: IDR 10,000
  • Minimum transfer to another bank: IDR 10,000
  • Minimum transfer to other BRI Banks: IDR 10,000
  • Minimum BRI Bank transfer via Teller: IDR 25,000
  • Minimum BRI Bank Transfer via BRI Link: the amount depends on the BRI Link.

Usually there are those who are allowed to transfer a minimum of 20 thousand, some are not. But it seems they still serve transfers under 50 thousand. Try asking your own BRI Link agent

The data regarding the minimum transfer of Bank BRI above should be clear. But there are some cases and problems where customers cannot transfer money even though they have followed the minimum transfer.

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What is the cause of the failed transaction?

Causes of Failed Money Transfers 10 Thousand or Below 50 At BRI Bank

The main reason is because you forgot the nominal balance in your BRI account.

For example, you will transfer 30 thousand when your nominal balance is only 80 thousand. The deposited balance in the BRI account is 50 thousand (valid for both Britama and Simpedes). If you transfer 30 thousand, the balance will automatically remain 50 thousand.
Isn’t that right?

But if you do this, you will fail to transfer. Even though the balance you leave is really 50 thousand, you can’t deposit up to 50 thousand pas. There must be a balance, about 5 thousand, to pay for the transaction because BRI has a fee for the transaction.

Especially if you transfer to another bank user who has an admin fee of 6,500 per transaction. The balance you leave is also not enough, only 55 thousand.

This is the reason why you failed to make a transfer even though you have fulfilled the minimum transfer balance.

While other causes could be due to:

  • You mistyped the destination account number
  • Wrongly fill in destination bank code
  • BRI Bank is in error
  • And your balance is empty

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Of the various ways to transfer Bank BRI, it’s actually easier if you do it through an ATM. The minimum applicable BRI Bank transfer is clearer. At least via ATM is better than through Tellers or BRI Link agents.