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Bank BCA Administration Fees Monthly (All Card Types)

BCA Bank Administration Fee

We will discuss all things about BCA Bank administration fees here. All the fees you need to know from account opening fees, initial deposits, subsequent deposits, settling balances, card making fees and so on.

Bank BCA is one of the most successful private banks in Indonesia. This international standard bank is proven to always provide the best service for its customers, all services run smoothly and there are almost no obstacles such as transaction delays and other things.

Even to make it easier for users to deposit money, BCA also provides a feature for customers where they can deposit cash at the nearest ATM so that customers no longer need to go all the way to the Bank’s office.

And to enjoy all these superior features, of course there must be operational costs that must be paid, here is a list of Bank BCA administration fees:

Initial Deposit Fee Open a BCA Account

The initial deposit is one of the important requirements in addition to bringing an ID card. The amount of the initial deposit varies depending on what type of savings you use.

Types of BCA Savings and Initial Deposits:

  1. Tabungan Tahapan BCA: they have several types of cards (BCA Silver, Gold and Platinum). The three cards both apply an initial deposit of IDR 500 thousand
  2. BCA Tapres Savings: minimum initial deposit of IDR 5 million rupiah
  3. Tabungan BCA Tahapan Xpresi: initial deposit is only IDR 50 thousand
  4. BCA Dollar Savings: because the money used is not IDR, the initial deposit can reach 100 USD or 200 SGD

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And there are many other types of BCA savings. The initial deposit is entered into your account, not taken by the Bank. The larger the initial deposit you provide, the greater the transaction limit you will get.

Monthly ADM BCA Deduction Administration Fee

Bank BCA administration fees are not much, only tens of thousands. But this deduction is taken on a monthly basis.

The amount of ADM itself varies depending on what type of card you are using.

  • BCA ATM cards are divided into 3 types: Blue, Gold and Platinum.
  • For the Blue card, the monthly administration fee is only Rp. 15 thousand.
  • For a Gold card, only IDR 17 thousand and a Platinum card a monthly administration fee of IDR 20 thousand.

If you are wondering when the Bank deducts our balance for account administration fees, the answer is every third Friday of every month.

Minimum Balance Deposited on ATM Card

Although the Bank has cut monthly fees, they also hold balances in ATMs with varying minimums. Almost all types of banks implement this system. So you can’t take out the balance in the ATM, there must be a balance.

If at Bank BCA, the minimum balance that must be left is IDR 50 thousand. It can’t be less than that.

BCA ATM Card Making Fee

Unlike BRI, which is free, BCA provides separate fees for the ATM cards that customers use. The price varies depending on the type of savings you use.

The most expensive is the Tahapan Xpresi savings type, considering that the ATM used can be customized. So more interesting and the same.

For ordinary savings, the price for making a card is Rp. 15 thousand. Meanwhile, for the Tahapan Xpresi savings, there is a fee for making a BCA ATM card of IDR 25 thousand.

Transaction Fees Between Each Network at Bank BCA

Transaction activities include cash withdrawals, transfers and balance checks. It turns out that to carry out this activity, BCA also applies a fee.

  • Cash Withdrawal: if done at a BCA ATM machine, it is free. But if it’s done at Prima (Rp 7,500) and Cirrus (Rp 25,000)
  • Check Balance: if done at a BCA ATM machine, there is no charge. But if it is done at Prima (Rp 4,000) and Cirrus (Rp 5,000)
  • Interbank Transactions: ATM BCA charges (Rp 6,500) and Prima (Rp 6,500)
  • Transaction rejected: if it is done at a BCA ATM it is free, but if it is done at Prima (Rp 3,500) and Cirus (Rp 5,000)

Those are some of the administrative costs of Bank BCA that customers need to know. In addition, BCA provides satisfactory service for every transaction, whether it is done at an ATM or on a mobile or internet.