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Slow Indosat Unlimited Packages? Here are 6 Ways to Overcome

Indosat Lemot Unlimited Packages

What will you do when you find the unlimited Indosat package is slow even though the quota is still there and the signal is full? Certainly very upset, angry and disappointed of course. Moreover, we experience ourselves when playing games that can be fatal to the point of having to afk and even worse, we can’t connect anymore, the feeling of wanting to slam my cellphone!

We both know that Indosat is one of the providers that intensively carries out promotions, especially for their internet and social media packages. They also provide unlimited internet package options for social media such as YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

This is nothing but to continue to pamper its users with the presence of the latest packages and promos. And the results are indeed extraordinary, Indosat Ooredoo is one of the providers that is in great demand by young users, even children who like to watch YouTube.

However, with the increasing number of users, it should also be balanced with an increase in service quality, especially on the network and internet speed. Because it is not uncommon for users to complain that the unlimited Indosat package used is slow, even if the network is full.

When it comes to internet speed and signal, it’s really the provider’s business where the user can’t do anything and can only surrender to the services provided. But there are still some ways that can be done to overcome it even though the possibility is very small but what’s wrong if we try it?

How to Overcome the Slow Indosat Unlimited Packages

Here are some steps you can take to overcome the slow Indosat unlimited package.


Generally, unlimited packages are now limited by what is called FUP (Fair Usage Policy). What is meant by FUP here is the fair use limit that has been determined by the provider to the customer.

I will give an example, for example, an unlimited internet package for 50 thousand, then the specified FUP is 10 GB. So after spending 10 GB of quota usage, the user will experience a decrease in speed to the limit. Which means you will not get the same speed as when the initial quota was still there.

Unlike the old unlimited packages, in the past there was no such thing as FUP and the like. If it’s unlimited, it’s unlimited, there are no other frills and it’s valid 24 hours.

The solution for this is you can buy an Indosat booster package through the myIM3 application. There are several package options to choose from, just adjust to your needs.

Network Reset

Network Reset

Network reset can also restore internet speed for a while. This is quite reasonable, especially when we are constantly connected to the internet, the recorded ip remains the same. By resetting, we will get a new connection with a new ip as well.

There are several ways that can be done to reset the network on a smartphone such as rebooting, activating airplane mode, turning off the cellphone and turning it back on.

You can choose just one, but I recommend rebooting so that the network is reset and the phone’s performance is better.

Settings 4G Only

The presence of the 4G network provides a better internet access experience than the previous generation. Even very far ahead of 3G, if you remember to download a file measuring 50 MB, the 3G network first took about 10 minutes to 20 minutes in normal network conditions.

However, with the presence of 4G LTE at this time, we can get less than 2 minutes of 50 MB files. Not to mention the speed in terms of playing streaming video, such as watching Net Tv on Android, we don’t even need to feel excessive buffering.

With all these advantages, of course it is a must for us to set the cellphone to continue to stay in 4G mode.

However, the latest mobile phones are very rarely given this mode for manual settings, there are only recommended 4G mode options and 2G only, no 4G only. Therefore we need a 4G application or can also use the network code.

Fastest APN Settings

This is still a pro and con for Indosat users, some say changing the Indosat apn can speed up network connections than before, while some others don’t believe it and it won’t change anything.

I myself am the type who likes to try it myself, because usually if it fits someone, it might not suit us. This can also be caused by factors where the experiment is not the same.

Not to mention the condition of the signal that sometimes goes up and down, of course, it can also be a factor in the failure of the experiment.

If you want to try it yourself, you can try the various fastest Indosat apn settings that we shared a few days ago.

In this post, we have explained in full detail and how to set it up. There are several special apn for streaming, gaming and browsing.

Use at Certain Hours

Use at Certain Hours

There are times when users start to spike and of course there are also times when users start to slow down. This applies to all providers and even Indosat Ooredoo, there are hours when it is very good to use the internet.

Can you guess at what time internet users start to quiet down? That is, usually at 12 pm to 4 am, at that time “most” people are already sleeping and have stopped doing activities, except for those who work overtime and like to stay up late.

Of course, we can use this time, for example, if we want to download movies, or stream our favorite dramas. Can be done in these quiet hours.

Don’t Make Device Hot

Don't Make Device Hot

Devices that are too hot can also be the reason why Indosat is slow, cases like this are usually found for those who like to play online games for hours and forget the time. And what’s worse is playing games while charging, it’s not very good for the device or battery life.

If you feel that the cellphone temperature is too hot, it’s a good idea to turn off the data connection and leave the cellphone for a while to cool down. You can also turn off the device for better results.

In some experiments it has also been proven that a cellphone placed on the floor will cool faster because the heat will be absorbed by the floor (ceramic) faster than if we put it on a chair or other place.

Those are some tips on how to deal with the slow Indosat unlimited package. Don’t forget to always top up your card to keep it active, if you forget you can check your Indosat number via the myIM3 application and dial code.