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SIM Card No Service? Here are 6 Ways to Overcome

How to Solve SIM Card No Service

Have you ever suddenly not detected your SIM card? Or is the service missing? Of course this will hinder activity on Android, whatever it is. Without the service, browsing or just sending messages can’t be done. No wonder some people who are internet crazy in particular feel very disadvantaged.

I myself have experienced this, at first I thought it was a network error. But after waiting for some time, the network still doesn’t appear.

From that, I immediately took several steps so that the sim returned to service. Based on my own experience some of these ways are quite effective to do. But before that, of course, we have to know what causes the sim to have no service.

Cause SIM Card No Service

The following causes the team card no service:

  • Problem with smartphone (system crash)
  • Problem sim card
  • The provider network is being disrupted
  • Damaged cellphone components (rare cases)

Well, if in the future there is no SIM card service, here’s how to fix it.

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How to Solve Sim Card No Service or No Signal

1. Restart Device

Usually, SIM no service this happens suddenly. This could be due to poor signal conditions or too much activity on Android.

Well, to overcome this you only need to refresh the device by restarting it. In addition, it can also turn off the device for about 10 to 15 minutes and then turn it back on.

This aims to give the system time on Android to rest so that when it is turned on it can work optimally. This method can also be used to resolve invalid mmi codes.

2. Use Automatic Network Mode

Some people whose Android is devoted to surfing the internet tend to set the SIM card service to continue on the 4G network because it is considered fast for browsing.

In poor 4G signal conditions, the network will be lost, as will the card service. To overcome this, we recommend using the mode automatic network on the device.

This is so that later when the 4G network is not available, the cellphone can still be used because it immediately switches to a 3G or 2G network.

3. Reinstall SIM Card

The SIM card does not have service, it can be caused because the card is not detected by the device. This could be due to the wrong card position or other factors.

When this happens, you can fix it by reinstalling the SIM card. Before reinstalling, first clean the card holder from dirt that has the potential to interfere with service detection.

In addition, you can also outsmart by changing the position of the card if the device is a dual sim card.

4. Turn on Airplane Mode

When the SIM service suddenly disappears, try to turn on airplane mode. This menu can be accessed easily through the menu on Android by pulling the notification menu from top to bottom. Then there is an airplane icon, please press the icon to activate.

Don’t be surprised, because the network will be temporarily lost. Wait for a few seconds and then press again, if the signal condition is actually stable then the service will be detected again when turning off airplane mode.

5. Clear Cache

As discussed in the first point that the SIM card has no service can be caused because the Android processor has decreased performance. Because on a system there are junk files commonly called caches, which if left unchecked will accumulate to fill memory.

For that, if restarting doesn’t work, it can be solved by deleting all junk data on the device (clear cache). This serves to reduce system performance and provide more storage space.

6. Factory Reset

The way to solve the SIM card has no other services, namely by factory reset. This step is the last solution if all the methods above still don’t work.

However, it is necessary to make sure that before resetting the device you must check the condition of the SIM is not problematic. This can be done by trying to install the card in another device.

If the device is detected, then the SIM condition is fine. You don’t have to worry about replacing the sim with a new one, because the activation process is now quite complicated, so you have to use your NIK and KK number.

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Factory resetting this device is very easy to do. Users only need to enter the Settings menu. After that, select backup and reset, then do a reset on the device.

This reset process will erase all data on it. Therefore, do data backup first.

Well, those were some of the ways that you can choose to solve the problem of no SIM card service. May be useful.