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How to make a phone number invisible on WhatsApp, want to try it?

How to make your phone number invisible on WhatsApp – Most of today’s smartphone users can be sure already use the WhatsApp messaging application. Moreover, this chat application is still maintaining its commitment not to display ads. So that in this way WhatsApp users will not be disturbed by the appearance of advertisements like in other chat applications. On the other hand, WA also has a light size and is not easy to lag.

How to make your phone number invisible on WhatsApp

WhatsApp itself seems to have started to replace the SMS feature on our cellphones. It’s rare to use SMS to send messages. Because sending messages via WA is also much more effective than via SMS which is charged per message.

For this reason, it is not surprising that WA users from year to year are also increasing, even now more than 1 billion downloads have downloaded this messaging application. Surely you are one of them right?

Talking about WhatsApp, the security offered in this application is also quite great. Such as the message encryption feature that allows WA users to send messages in secret and will not be known by others because it does not have to be stored on the WA server. So you don’t have to worry about your secret chat being hit by cyber crime or piracy.

Even so, there are still some people who feel uncomfortable using the WhatsApp application. One of them is because this application can display our private number. So that it allows our contacts to be contacted automatically by other people, for example when we join a WA group where we can see other people’s numbers.

Even though some people are not comfortable with features like this so they really want to keep their phone numbers secret so they are not randomly contacted by other people.

How to keep your WA number secret so you won’t be seen or found

Take it easy, for those of you who don’t want their phone number to be known by others, you can follow the method so that the phone number is not visible on WhatsApp below:

  1. The first step, you have to install the WhatsApp application on your phone. If it turns out that you already have the WA application, just delete it and reinstall the new WA application.
  2. Next install TextNow app. After you have successfully installed this application, it will be used to get a number from the application. Well, this number will be used for WA verification on your cellphone
  3. Then do Voice Verification by using the number from the previous Text Now. Because you can’t verify via SMS, you can choose to verify via Voice Verification. Press this button, and a few moments later you will receive a call from the operator who will give you a verification code.
  4. The fourth step, please enter the verification code that you received earlier into the column provided. Until here you can use WA without having to use your personal number.

How? It’s easy isn’t it? By following the steps above, you can already use the WA application without having to know your personal number. So your phone number can still be kept confidential.

However, it should be noted, do not use this tutorial for illegal purposes such as fraud or other crimes. You can use this method for privacy purposes only.

Well, maybe that’s what we can say. Hopefully the above method helps and you can try it yourself. Good luck and good luck.