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Real Or Fraud? Read Before Try!

Tokokaya Apk

There is another application that is said to make money called Tokokaya Apk, you can download this application via the link that we will provide below later.

There are many money-making applications for Android that generally always use the same system. Usually based on social media applications where we will be given several tasks and will get a reward for the work that has been completed.

At first glance, the work is very practical and easy, especially during a pandemic like today, many people are looking for alternatives to make money in a fast way only from home.

Even though there are still many users who do not really know what they are doing and whether the application can be trusted or not. Because there are lots of scams under the guise of mobile applications.

And this time we will review an application called Tokokaya apk which has recently become a hot topic of conversation among people. Let’s read this article to the end!

What is Tokokaya Apk?

Before jumping into a new business, especially in the form of an application, of course we have to find out more about the business we are going to live. Although initially it is free, but usually over time we are required to deposit money into the application.

Tokokaya apk is a money-making application that has the same system as Goins Apk, Alimama, Global Mall and the like. It can be said that Tokokaya adheres to the Ponzi system or chain social gathering.

Why am I so sure this is an app with a ponzi system?

Have you not given up on applications that have been proven to be scams? Is it still not enough experience that our other friends get and still can’t you tell the difference between real and fake applications?

The easiest way to find out whether the application is official or not is to look for it in the Play Store. If it doesn’t exist, don’t believe it anymore or until you deposit it, want to be like the alimama victim whose member’s money was taken away by the owner of the company?

We will explain in more detail some of the irregularities that the Tokokaya apk application has, so keep watching until the end.

Download Tokokaya Apk

We’ve tried to find this app in the Play Store but can’t find it. You can download this application via the link that we will provide below.

Downloading this application must be done through a mobile browser, if you use a PC it will not automatically be able and will still be asked to visit it from a smartphone.

Because this application is not in the play store, so it is suspect. So our first suspicion is that the app is not in the official app store or play store.

How to Register Tokokaya Apk

At first glance, registering for the first time made me believe that this application is indeed a real application because there is a cellphone number verification code feature, but it turns out? It’s just a trick!

How to Register Tokokaya Apk

After I entered the cellphone number, and clicked the send code button, no SMS verification code was received, instead the “please enter SMS verification code” column was filled automatically.

Usually, if an official application like that is sent a verification sms in the form of a number to our cellphone, it doesn’t exist, it is filled automatically.

My suspicions are starting to grow here.

But it’s not finished yet, we will continue with some of the next oddities, guys.

How Tokokaya Apk Works

When I first entered, I was confused about how it worked, but from here I started to find out by trying to press some of the existing menus and also don’t forget to read the profiles of their fraudulent companies.

How Tokokaya Apk Works

As usual, the explanation of the company profile seems to be translated from another language that we don’t usually read like Indonesian.

Membership Level

There are several levels of membership in this Tokokaya apk, yes of course we are already familiar with a system like this when you are alumni of goins and alimama.

Starting from regular members with a minimum balance of IDR 100,000 to Kaya VIP with a minimum balance of IDR 50,000,000.

Membership Level

Of course, in the package there are also different tasks to be obtained, the higher the level we take, the more tasks we will receive and the more money we will make.

Yes, if it lasts a long time, what if it only lasts a few months before it finally closes? Yes, your money is forfeited bro!

Do you want to be like an alimama member who doesn’t know if his money will come back or not? The telegram channel is also now being used to find Binomo referrals. whoops!.

Trying Assignments

When I wanted to try the tasks provided, I was surprised because I couldn’t carry out the mission before refilling at least 100 thousand.

Trying Assignments

Because I myself don’t want money to be spent in vain just to try an application that is not clear, so I skipped to top up the Tokokaya application.

Because I myself am sure what the end of this application will be. And from the start, I didn’t intend to join at all, I just wanted to make a lot of people aware so they wouldn’t be easily fooled by this kind of application.

But Proven to Pay Bang

In the beginning, all applications of this type were proven to pay, even some Youtubers have also proven it through videos uploaded on their channels.

It is none other than to invite and convince many people to join (whether they are given a commission by the creators of the application or not, this certainly benefits them).

Ponzi schemes are like this, at the beginning it’s really sweet, even making withdrawals several times, it always works, over time the more we want to get a lot of money, we start depositing our money and don’t be half-hearted in large amounts.

As a result?

Zone! When the application can’t be opened or closed, we can only cry for sadness. (Try it the first time you join and read Bungdus first) surely that’s what will be in your mind.

Where do you think the money they paid you came from? Yes, from the money of new members who register.

Can you report it?

Reflecting on the previous cases, especially the Alimama application, until now there is no clarity about the case, bro, most of the members’ money is not returned, it’s difficult if an application that is not official and not registered with the OJK like this, who do you want to sue? It’s not clear where his office is.

When it comes to money management, of course there must be a business license and also supervised by a supervisor, in Indonesia it is called OJK (Financial Services Authority). If it’s registered with the OJK, it’s good if something goes wrong and it’s definitely safe.

Application Performance that Occasional Error

When trying several menus in the application sometimes an error appears as shown in the picture, this is usually what we encounter when accessing websites that use Cloudflare DNS.

Application Performance that Occasional Error

I am increasingly convinced that this application is webview-based where it is only an apk-shaped application which is originally a website. An error like this may appear due to a high traffic spike or due to poor server quality.

Domain Data

Domain observations are also very suspicious, the domain was registered on 11 September 2022 which is about 34 days ago since this article was published.

Domain Data

And if it’s a real big company, when we type “Tokokaya” on Google, what will appear at the top is the domain that is related and complete with information on that page.


I think after reading in detail my explanation about the Tokokaya apk, you will definitely understand what the point is. All decisions still come back to each of us, because I’m just trying to give you tips so that you are more careful in following businesses, especially applications that are not clear where they come from.

But if you ask me whether the Tokokaya application is recommended or not, of course I will answer NO!