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How to Top Up Blipay? Blibli Payment Method

How to Top Up Blipay

Before knowing how to top up Blipay, it would be better if we first asked whether we can top up Blipay balance? Blipay is a new payment method from BliBli that is not quite familiar and not many are using it.

When I updated the BliBli application on my Android, I was suddenly surprised by a new feature called BliPay where its function is to accommodate BliBli account balances.

What is Blipay?

BliPay balance is one of the shopping payment methods available only at Blibli. You can pay for your order if your Blipay balance is available. Blipay can also be used to speed up refunds or refunds to the buyer’s account.

How to Top Up Blipay?

For now, Blipay only functions as a place to refund funds in the buyer’s account, so there is no top up menu / top up balance on Blipay. Even though you can’t top up your balance, you can still withdraw the money in Blipay to your account.

Blipay is very helpful when, for example, we buy an item, so it just so happens that the item is out of stock and the seller cancels the order we made. Then the money we have transferred will be returned again and this refund will go to Blipay.

How to Pay for Orders with Blipay

How to Pay for Orders with Blipay

If the refund money has entered Blipay, we can still use the balance to pay for the goods we will order according to the available Blipay balance and must also be the same as the price of the goods listed.

For this you can do the steps below:

  1. Search items
  2. Press buy
  3. Proceed to the payment process
  4. Choose Blipay as the payment method
  5. Done

Your order will be processed by Blibli and will be forwarded to the seller.

How to Withdraw Blipay Balance

How to Withdraw Blipay Balance

As we explained above, although the user cannot top up the balance, the user can withdraw the Blipay balance directly to the user’s account.

How to withdraw your Blipay balance as follows:

  1. Log in to the Blibli app
  2. Go to the Blipay balance menu
  3. Select Withdraw balance
  4. Fill in the withdrawal amount
  5. First, enter your account number correctly

If everything is correct, you can make a direct withdrawal. In less than 24 hours, your money will go into your account.

Before making a withdrawal, we are required to first create a Blipay PIN consisting of 6 numbers.

Blipay is also connected with other E-Wallet

Blipay can also be linked to several virtual accounts or e-wallets such as OVO, DANA, OneKlik and Credit Cards. All of these digital wallets can be used for shopping payments at Blibli.

So when your Blipay balance is not enough or less, you can still pay with the help of the e-wallet listed above.

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The final word,

So if someone asks if you can top up your Blipay balance? The answer for now is CANNOT / CAN’T. Why do I answer like that? Because we will not know whether in the future blibli will provide this feature or not, but it is very likely that this feature will be available.

Let’s just wait for the next update, after that I will also update this article.