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Minimum Mandiri Transfer, Can It Be Less Than IDR 10,000?

Minimum Self Transfer

Mandiri is well-known for its ease in conducting transactions without burdensome conditions. Likewise when we will open an account there. It’s very, very easy, the initial deposit is only IDR 50,000, if other banks have at least IDR 100,000 and above.

I myself have been a customer of bank Mandiri for almost five years, and even then I have never had complaints such as failed transfers, reduced balances and other negative things. In fact, I am satisfied with the many features offered, especially since I am an online worker where the Mandiri Online application really helps me with payments.

Now talking about payments, we have to know what the minimum independent bank transfer is so that it can be done. And the balance that must be left from the transfer is Rp. 20,000 for my savings account type.

Then regarding the minimum amount of Mandiri transfer, what is the answer?

Can we transfer a small amount, for example only 10,000 or under 10,000?

Minimum Mandiri Transfer that Customers Should Know

Can we transfer money from Bank Mandiri with a nominal value of 10,000 or less?

The answer is CAN.

The minimum Mandiri transfer to another Bank Mandiri is IDR 1 rupiah. Meanwhile, the minimum Mandiri transfer to another bank is IDR 10,000.

That means, if the destination account is Mandiri, we can transfer any amount, including only transferring Rp. 1,000 rupiah. Meanwhile, if the destination account is another bank, the minimum nominal is IDR 10,000 and cannot be below it.

The amount is very small, Independent does not limit users transfer any amount of money. So you don’t need to be confused anymore.

The above is the minimum Mandiri transfer made at an ATM machine. Then what about transactions made on Internet Banking and Mobile Banking? Is it same?

Minimum Mandiri Transfer Via Internet Banking

The minimum transfer from Bank Mandiri to other Bank Mandiri is IDR 1 rupiah. The minimum transfer to another bank (clearing) via Internet Banking is IDR 1 rupiah as well. But there is a transfer fee of IDR 5,000 because you transfer to a different bank.

While the minimum transfer from Bank Mandiri to another bank (online), the minimum is IDR 10,000 and there is a transaction fee of IDR 6,500 for transfer fees from different banks.

Minimum Mandiri Account Transfer Via SMS Banking:

When you want to make a transfer via SMS, be it Typed SMS, USSD SMS or STK to a fellow bank account (Mandiri), the minimum transfer is IDR 1 rupiah.

The minimum Mandiri transfer to another bank (Clearing via STK), the minimum is IDR 1 rupiah. But you are charged IDR 2,500 per transaction because you transfer it to a different account.

Meanwhile, for a minimum transfer to another bank (online), the minimum transfer is Rp. 10,000 and is subject to a fee of Rp. 6,500 per transaction because it is sent to another bank.

Transfer Failed Case

There is one more thing that you must know about the minimum transfer problem of Bank Mandiri.

There is one case, where a customer complains of a failed transfer even though the minimum transfer is in accordance with the applicable regulations above. But the person failed to make the transfer for some reason.

Sample case:

I want to transfer people to another bank account when my balance remains Rp 110,000. Then I want to transfer to that person for IDR 60,000.

According to the regulation above, I should have met the criteria because the minimum amount of money I want to transfer is already above IDR 10,000, but why did it fail to be sent?

Even though the money I sent was above Rp. 1 rupiah, even Rp. 10,000

The answer:

The minimum Mandiri transfer is still Rp. 1 rupiah to Rp. 10,000. If you experience a failed transfer, it could be caused by other problems. For example, is the minimum balance left at the ATM.

Mandiri applies a regulation to its customers to leave the remaining balance in the ATM of Rp 100,000. But in the case above, the person only left a balance left at the ATM of Rp. 50,000.

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That’s the reason why Mandiri transfers can fail. Not because the minimum Mandiri transfer has changed, but because your balance is low.