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How to Trim Video in KineMaster (Start, Middle, End)

How to Trim Video in KineMaster

Taking the middle, beginning and end of the video is not difficult. For Android users, just learn how to cut videos in KineMaster which can be done easily even without having professional skills.

This is needed when we often see interesting videos on YouTube but only for a certain duration are the most exciting, or even because we just want to take them for additional scenes in our videos.

All of this is not difficult, and it doesn’t even require a PC to do it. Because nowadays there are many video editor applications that offer various features to make it easier for users.

One of them is KineMaster, this much-loved video editing application for a million people is not without reason being as popular as it is today. Proven by his ability to edit and also produce high-quality videos.

It is not uncommon for smartphone users to use KineMaster to produce videos to upload to Youtube. Because this application is very suitable for use by novice YouTubers who want to focus only on their cellphones.

But before that, of course, we must first master some things that are needed in terms of editing. Especially how to trim videos in Kinemaster, this is included in the basic stages and is important to know.

How to Trim Video in KineMaster App


If you are a KineMaster Free user, make sure to update the app to the latest version by visiting the Play Store and pressing update (if available).

Here’s how to trim a video in KineMaster:

1. Open the KineMaster application.

2. Press the + icon to start.

How to Trim Video in KineMaster

3. Select the ratio (adjust the video size).

How to Crop Video Screen in KineMaster

4. I choose 16:9, select the video you want to edit by pressing the Media menu.

5. When the video has been selected, tap on the video section as shown in the image I marked below.

How to Trim Video in KineMaster Pro

6. Select icon Scissors to cut the video.

How to Trim Video in KineMaster on cellphone
  • Crop to the left of the playhead: Trims the video from the marked to the left.
  • Crop to the right of the playhead: Trims the video from the marked to the right.
  • Share on playhead: The video will be cut right in the middle and separate the right and left sides of the video.
  • Split and insert freeze frame: A still (frozen) video will be captured on the marked one, and will cut it.
How to cut videos on kinemaster

If you have selected the menu that will be used, please press the check mark at the top right of the menu.

How to cut video in kinemaster app

Done, now we can see the result by playing the video. Please press button Play to play it.

How to cut videos on kinemaster android

If it feels right and in accordance with the wishes, now is the time for us to save it. Press the Share menu on the left, set the video quality and please press Export.

How to save videos on kinemaster

If the tutorial above is not clear, you can also see the following video tutorial.

In the free version there will be a watermark on the video which is very annoying. The solution is you can buy KineMaster Pro by subscribing, but if you want a free one you can read on How to Remove KineMaster Watermark.

Explanation of the Slicer Menu in KineMaster

As we have seen above that there are several methods of cropping videos on KineMaster, namely Crop to the left of the playhead, Crop to the right of the playhead, Split to the playhead, Divide and insert a freeze frame.

We can use all of that according to our needs, and let’s learn more so that it is easy to understand.

Crop to the left of the playhead

When we put a video tag in the middle or at a certain duration, it will be trimmed to the beginning of the video (to the left) and only leave the video part on the right.

For example, a 10 minute video that we will cut. We put the cutter mark at a duration of 4 minutes, now from this duration it will cut the video down to a duration of 0 minutes (initial) and delete it, so that what is left is only the video part from 4 minutes to 10 minutes.

Crop to the right of the playhead

This is also not much different from the above, it’s just that in the explanation above we trim to the left, while this method trims the video to the right (end) so that it will only leave the video part at the beginning.

Share on playhead

If you only want to trim a video with the aim of removing part of a certain video duration, you can use the Share menu in the playhead. This feature is often used to sort out certain parts of a video in KineMaster.

Split and insert freeze frames

This method allows us to crop the video and capture the center (frozen/silent video) so that we can add any effect to the part. For more details, please try it yourself right away so you don’t get confused.

After getting to know more deeply, especially on the cut / cut menu in KineMaster, all you have to do is adjust the video you want to cut and how.

How to cut videos in KineMaster is very easy and even easier to do when compared to on a PC. Hopefully this article is useful and good luck.