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Location Finder Application, Not a Mobile Number Tracker!

HLR Lookup

Many apps out there claim that they can track a person’s cellphone number, complete with the position where he or she is, but all of that is inaccurate and impossible.

Even if there is, maybe only a few people can make it or do it, for example government agencies such as the Police and Cyber ​​Army where they are assigned to do this.

But there are also some people who have good programming skills and create a script that can track a person’s position complete with their personal data.

And know that they never reveal it to the general public by giving it away for free, and even though it’s paid for it may be impossible to sell.

What is HLR Lookup?

HLR Lookup is a simple application to find location by phone number. This app uses the free API available on

And here I will explain about the application HLR Lookup where many people mistakenly think that the application is able to track a person’s whereabouts in real time and accurately.

No! All that cannot be done with the HLR Lookup application, this application only provides information from a number that we input such as city, operator, and time zone.

What is the difference between a locator and a tracker?

Obviously different, the location finder is more about knowing where the location of the cellphone number comes from and what cellular operator is used.

While the tracker is an activity that is usually used to find out all the movements of people starting from where they go and others.

And it’s impossible that we can only do this by using their cellphone numbers, unless we put a tracking device on their bodies (but this shouldn’t be done if it’s not with important orders, for example for case investigations).

The operators themselves have never even provided this kind of feature because it relates to user privacy.

Just imagine what would happen if all cell phone users could be tracked by someone and we knew what they were doing?

Of course, if this is done by people with bad intentions, the crime rate will increase drastically, such as robbery, burglary and the like.

How to Use HLR Lookup on Android

Here will prove that tracking a cellphone number on Android cannot be done with the HLR Lookup application, even that is impossible to do.

Both for the old and new versions are the same, but please try to download the new version for a trial.

This application has simple features as well as its appearance, the goal is only to make it easier for users to easily use HLR Lookup.

To use this application is very easy, you only need to enter the cellphone number that you want to be used as a target, then click the menu arrow or like GO.

How to Use HLR Lookup on Android

In the picture above we can clearly see that this application cannot trace a mobile number, it only displays some basic information such as the country code, device type, time zone and the city of origin of the SIM card.

Obviously they can’t display detailed user data such as full addresses and names, because they use the free API from as I mentioned above.

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Not only HLR Lookup, even all cellphone tracking applications using phone numbers are all hoaxes. And even if there is, you certainly can’t get it in public, usually there are certain people who sell such applications.