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(100% Clean) 3 Ways to Remove Chromium from the Roots

How to Remove Chromium

Confused how to remove Chromium thoroughly from the roots? You don’t need to worry, do some of these ways to uninstall it on your Laptop / PC so it’s not heavy.

Chromium is one of the best browsers that can run on Windows, MAC, Linux and Android operating systems. Just like a browser in general, it can also function as it should.

Although it works like other browsers, the presence of chromium often makes laptop operations sluggish. So it is not uncommon for users who want to remove this application to clean it.

How to uninstall chromium is actually quite easy, but there are many cases where this application can still be active even though it has been deleted.

Of course this is very unprofitable, sometimes our PC / Laptop works too hard because of the application process running in the background caused by Chromium so that the engine gets hot.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a surefire way to remove chromium, here are three quick ways you can do it.

Perform Uninstall from Control Panel

The easiest way to remove chromium first is to uninstall it directly on windows.

Step 1: Click start icon located below, then open the control panel. Or you can press the button Windows+Q then type in search “Control Panel“.

How to Remove Chromium

Step 2: After that select the option “Uninstall a program” or “remove programs & features“. This menu may vary according to the version of Windows you are using.

How to Remove Chromium

Step 3: Search app Chromium then right click and select Uninstall.

How to Remove Chromium

After that you will be asked again to confirm, just select Uninstall or OK.

How to Remove Chromium

Wait until the uninstall process is complete then all the chromium files and icons will disappear from the laptop.

Uninstalling a program like this is quite easy and won’t take much time. The steps taken are also safe and will not harm the existing data.

This way of removing chromium can work effectively on some windows operations.

Even so, there are also users who can’t find the chromium application in the program list so they can’t uninstall it as usual. If you experience a condition like this, the two ways below will solve it.

Delete Chromium Folder Via Windows Explorer

If you can’t find chromium in the program list, you can manually delete the application folder.

Open the Windows Explorer application, then select the Tools menu. Continue to the folder options option then activate the show hidden folder option which will open all hidden folders on the laptop.

After the above steps are done, click drive c then select user and select the app data folder. Look for the local folder and find the folder with the name ‘chromium’ there. Right click on the folder then select delete option.

How to remove chromium manually may sound cliché, but it will be very useful for those of you who have uninstalled this program but chromium still often appears annoying. This method will completely delete the chromium folder from the computer.

Delete Application Registry in Windows System

The next way to remove the Chromium program is to delete the application’s registry so that this program cannot operate again. This method may be a bit ‘a little complicated’ but has proven effective in removing chromium applications to the bottom.

  • Click the start menu and then type ‘regedit’ in the program search field.
  • After entering the HKEY current user window, select software.
  • Find the chromium folder in that column then right click and select delete.

After doing this step, you have to restart the laptop so that the deletion process runs smoothly.

This method of removing chromium has proven to be effective in overcoming the chromium program that is still active even though it has been uninstalled.

If needed, you can do a disk clean up through the disk management feature so that temporary files and chromium application trash can be deleted from the laptop.

Sometimes computer operations run sluggishly due to the large amount of application garbage left on internal storage.

You can also check the disk regularly to ensure that computer operations run smoothly without any intervention from viruses or malware.

Those are some ways to remove Chromium easily and efficiently. You can simply take advantage of the features and services that are available in the default Windows application to disable this one program.

There is no need to use third-party applications to prevent this program from operating again. Additional applications that may help, but may even be bad for the operation of the computer in the future.