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Latest Cheap Aquascape Fertilizer Price 2022

Price of Aquascape Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer is one type of fertilizer in aquascapes that is often used because it is easy and proven to be effective in fertilizing and healthy and making the colors of the aquascape plants brighter.
The use of this fertilizer is highly recommended because the fertilizer will make the plant can live longer in a healthy state. If you don’t use fertilizer, your plants will lack nutrients. all kinds of problems will come.

The problem that often occurs when aquascape plants are not given fertilizer is slow growth. Plants that gradually turn brown and die can also be caused by a lack of fertilizer, both in the sibstrate and in the water.

Now, this time, will discuss the price of liquid fertilizer for aquascape. if you want to know about tips, info, tutorials, etc. about aquascape, please visit

4 Latest Aquascape Liquid Fertilizer Prices

I will categorize fertilizers here by brand. because each brand has different content, price and quality.

Aquasegar Micro Macro

Price of Aquascape Fertilizer

Aquasegar is one of the local brands that is widely used by scapers in their various needs. Now, this time we will discuss a little, 2 products, namely liquid fertilizer aquasegar micro and macro (amount of 2 bottles).
nutritional problems are no longer in doubt. which is definitely complete and can make your aquascape fertile.

The use of this fertilizer must be used simultaneously so that there is no shortage of nutrients, both micro and macro.
Price for 2 bottles of micro and macro liquid fertilizer (100 ml each): 50.000.

Ferti One Micro Macro

Price of Aquascape Fertilizer

Again, we will discuss micro-macro fertilizers. how else, these 2 types of fertilizers are the most important and most needed by plants to grow. The use of micro macro fertilizers must also be at the same time as I explained earlier.

Well this time we will discuss a little Ferti One fertilizer. This fertilizer is also designed to contain sufficient micro and macro nutrients for the needs of your plants. Routine, regular use and according to the rules will make your plants brighter and more fertile (of course it must be supported by adequate CO2 and lights). The price for this Ferti One Micro Macro fertilizer is 60,000 with 2 bottles of 250 ml each.

Neo Solution

Price of Aquascape Fertilizer

Now, this time we move to the imported aquascape brand, the name is neo solution. for the whole series of liquid fertilizers there are 4 kinds, namely neo solution 1,2 fe & k.

No doubt about the quality problem. the use of quality materials as the basic ingredients of this fertilizer will make your aquascape more dense and bright. there is a price there is quality, this fertilizer is priced quite expensive compared to the two fertilizers above. What is certain is that if you use the right dose, you will not be disappointed with the results of this neo solution liquid fertilizer.

For the 4 series that I mentioned above, each is 300 ml and the price for 1 bottle is 85,000, if you buy the complete series it will be 340,000.

Ferty Black

Ferty black is a local brand whose quality is no less competitive with numbers 1 and 2 above. The fertilizer that I will review is a 2 in 1 product, aka the micro & macro nutrients are 1 in 1 bottle. It’s better to use.

The problem of nutritional content, of course, is complete and can make your various types of aquascape plants grow fast when balanced with good light and co2.

For Ferty Black Micro Macro (1 bottle) containing 100 ml, you can get it at a price of 22,000, which is quite cheap, right?

The final word

So that’s the price list for aquascape liquid fertilizer. The use of liquid fertilizers should be balanced with optimal light and co2 so that fertilizer performance is also optimal for growing your aquascape plants.