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5 Home Businesses After Resigning That Can Make You Successful

Home Business After Resigning

Home business after resigning – Have you decided to stop working because you are tired or bored with your job? Then you are looking for business ideas what you can do at home after you resign?

Working as an employee is certainly a tough choice where we have to leave a lot of time with family and focus on our career path at the company where we work.

Then you start thinking about quitting so that you can spend more time with your family at home. However, it is also a hassle if there is no income at all, unless you have a home business that you are engaged in.

Well, below Bungdus will recommend what types of home businesses are suitable for a resigned person to do.

5 Home Business Ideas That Are Suitable To Do After Resigning

1. Open a Stall

The easiest business to do at home is not a shop. You can sell basic necessities such as rice, oil, and other kitchen needs.

Little by little when this business starts to grow, you can add more types, starting from selling credit, internet packages and electricity tokens.

The first thing you should do is research the competitors in your area, what they sell and what they don’t have so we can provide them.

Try not to come back when asking for an item, please take notes and try to provide the item in the future.

The placement of the shop is also very crucial, especially if you can occupy the hook land which is in a residential area where the residents are definitely city people who have daily needs.

2. Catering

The catering business is still quite promising, usually in urban and rural areas there are events such as weddings, celebrations, circumcisions, usually they need catering as food. That way you can consider this one business idea.

3. Laundry

For mothers who have just resigned from work and decided to start a business at home, then you can try laundry. In the midst of busy housewives every day, usually they do not have time to wash their own clothes.

Do this business on your own first, if you already have enough customers then you can pay people to help.

4. Online Business

In this digital era, it is not impossible that we can be successful only with a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. Many out there children to mothers who are successful in gaining dollars from the internet.

One of them you can become a blogger or youtuber. If you are lazy to create content, you can become a reseller of online goods and sell in marketplaces such as shopee, tokopedia and Bukalapak.

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5. Private Lessons

If you have a talent for teaching, you can open private lessons at home. Usually this is mostly done by former honorary teachers as a side business at home.

There are many subjects that we can teach ranging from mathematics, English, physics and many more.

Friend Bungdus, before you decide to resign, make sure you already have a business plan that you want to pursue at home. Considering that it is currently very difficult to get a job and there are many S1 graduates scattered out there.