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Ivive Apk, 75k Money Scan Application Can Sing

Ilive Apk

A viral scan application for 75k can sing called ivive apk. This application immediately got a lot of attention from Indonesians, especially because when the money was scanned, it could issue the Indonesian national anthem.

Some time ago, when BI issued the 75k note which coincided with the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Indonesia Raya Meredeka, immediately many people were queuing up to get it because the money had not been widely circulated.

Of course, this raises the question what are the features of the money so that it is not issued in large amounts?

It turns out that there is something unique about this money, when scanned using the ivive application, it will release the song of the independence song Indonesia Raya.

What is the Ivive App?

Ivive is an app that serves as a new way of viewing an image. When we see certain images, we only see the visuals, but if we use ivive we will be able to listen to songs from the images including the money we scanned.

Even when used to view 75 thousand notes, this application immediately emits the sound of singing Indonesia Raya. And the latest news says that it can not only be used for 75 thousand notes, but can also be used for 50 thousand and 100 thousand notes.

This application is made with the ability to read using AI, AR and VR technologies. If you don’t know, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, while AR stands for Augmented Reality and VR stands for Virtual Reality.

Download the Ilive App

Currently the Ivive application can be downloaded for free through the Play Store. But sometimes there are also those who provide the ivive application in the form of an apk so that it requires users to install it from outside the play store.

If a warning appears “This item is not available in your country“Please use a VPN to download it.

We recommend that you download via the play store link because it is more guaranteed both in terms of security and application updates.

Actually, the Ivive application has been on the Play Store for a long time, because if we look at the application, the last update was in May 2022.

The size of the application is also not too big, which is only about 33 MB. A minimum of an Android 4.3 device is required to run this application.

How to Use the Ivive App

Surely many of you are confused about how to use the Ivive application. So from that, we will provide a guide to using it below:

  1. Prepare 75 thousand money
  2. Make sure the data connection is active
  3. Run the Ivive app
  4. Point the camera at the money earlier
  5. The account automatically appears the national anthem video
  6. To stop singing, we just need to divert from the money
  7. Done

It’s so easy isn’t it? You can also try it with other types of banknotes such as 10 thousand, 100 thousand and even 20 thousand. Just try it first, who knows it can make a different sound or video?

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That’s our review of the 75k money scan application that can sing, so if anyone asks what application is directed to money that can sing, the answer is Ivive.