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How to Vote Shopee Next Superstar via the Official App

How to Vote Shopee Next Superstar

How do you vote for Shopee Next Superstar so that your idol becomes the next shopee superstar? Of course we will discuss it here, don’t forget to read this article to the end.

A few days ago, to be exact, during the Lively Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, this giant marketplace presented a Korean star, Gfriend, as a superstar at the event.

The pickle was even broadcast live by several major television stations such as Indosiar, SCTV, MNCTV, and RCTI. And even lucky Shopee users will get prizes.

And this time Shopee is holding a ready Vote who will be the next Shopee Superstar. This vote can be followed by all Shopee users, especially for you Korean boyband lovers because there are BIG BANG, EXO, SNSD, Super Junior and many more.

In this event you have the opportunity to be able to vote as much as possible so that your idol becomes the next superstar. When you vote in large numbers, you also have the opportunity to get the main prize in the form of an iPhone X.

Of course, you are confused about how to participate in this vote, considering that there is no option in the Shopee application. But take it easy, because here we will provide an easy guide to do.

How to Vote Shopee Next Superstar

As Bungdus mentioned above, we didn’t find any information about this event in the official Shopee application and we’ve also used the latest version but still couldn’t find it.

It’s just that we saw Shopee’s tweet on their Twitter account, we immediately looked for the information and finally found it.

Even though this method can also be found on Google easily. But it doesn’t matter, here we will take advantage of a link that has been found.

How to Vote Shopee Next Superstar

Here’s how to vote for Shopee next superstar:

  1. Open the following link:
  2. If you can’t, please copy and paste it into the browser.
  3. By clicking the link, you will automatically be directed to the Shopee application.
  4. If not redirected, please login with your Shopee account.
  5. There will be a choice of idols that you can scroll down.
  6. Vote for your idol and share with your friends.

For starters, you will get 1 free token, where 1 token can only be used to vote once.

How to Vote Shopee Next Superstar

In order to be able to vote more than once or many times, you just share it to various social media that you have and also to all your friends.

That way, the chance to get a free iPhone X is bigger and your idol will appear on Shopee!

Terms and Conditions

  • 1 token can be used to choose 1 participant of your favorite idol.
  • You can choose more than 1 participant during the period.
  • The voting period runs from 9 to 13 September 2022.
  • Win an iPhone X for the lucky voter.

Imagine just voting, you already have the opportunity to get an iPhone X, also our idols have the opportunity to appear on Shopee, cool right?

List of Idols Who Participate in Shopee Next Superstar

Starting from well-known domestic and foreign artists who participated, here is the list:

  • DAY6
  • EXO
  • GOT7
  • ITZY
  • IU
  • IZ*ONE
  • NCT 127
  • SNSD
  • Stray KIDS
  • Bruno Mars
  • god 19
  • NIKI
  • NOAH

Vote as much as possible so that your idol becomes the next shopee superstar

Of course you don’t want your idol to lose, right? Therefore, hurry up and vote for as many of your idols as possible so they can appear in the next Shopee liveliness.

Hurry up and invite all your friends to vote for your idol by sharing this article with your friends.

To get a lot of tokens, you can also use the share button at the event. Each share will get 1 token, and 1 token can vote 1 time.

Imagine if you could get to 100 shares? Then the tokens that will be obtained are also 100 tokens. And the 100 tokens are also equal to 100 votes, and of course the opportunity to get an iPhone X is even greater.

That’s how to vote for Shopee next superstar, I hope it helps and is easy to understand. If any of your friends are confused, you can share this article for their reference.