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5 Make Up Applications on Android That Can Make Your Face Beautiful!

The current make-up application seems to have become an application that must be installed on the cellphone of smartphone users, especially women. It doesn’t feel complete if the results of our selfie photos don’t get a touch of make-up applications that make your photos more beautiful flawless.

Because applications like this are very powerful to make your face brighter, get rid of acne, disguise black spots and others. Well, for those of you who really like selfie photos, you must try these 5 best makeup applications on Android to make your face more beautiful.

5 Best and Free Makeup Apps on Android

1. YouCam Makeup – Magic Selfie Makeovers

This makeup application is the most popular on the Google Play Store. More than 100 million users have downloaded this application. The features are very complete to conjure up your selfie face more cool.

Users can edit their own photos with the tools that have been provided, or can also take advantage of the automatic make-up feature with just one touch.

Uniquely, this application also provides a feature to detect the health of your skin, in just seconds.

2. Makeup Photo Editor .You Makeup

This is the second make-up application that is no less cool than the previous one. This application is very comprehensive to produce natural makeup effects to the most daring according to the user’s wishes.

Some of the features in this application include Auto-beautify facial skin. Creating makeup styles (natural style, west style, men style), various make up tools and funny make for fun.

3. MakeupPlus – Selfie Editor

For those of you who like make-over results in the style of South Korean stars, you can try this make-up application. This application, which has been downloaded by more than 50 million users, can make your selfie photos more perfect with the various tools provided.

Not only the face, in this application you can also change the style and color of your hair. Unfortunately in this application there are too many beauty product advertisements which are quite annoying.

4. Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Snappy Camera

Then there is the Pretty Makeup application which is recommended as a make-up application on your cellphone. Not much is offered from this application, but the make over work of this application is no less cool than other similar applications. However, this application can only be used on Android with version 5.0 and above.

5. Lakme Makeup Pro

Another makeup application that you must try is Lakme Makeup Pro. Don’t worry, even though it has premium features, this application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

The make over of this application is quite professional. However, some users admit that this application is quite heavy with the file size reaching 46.70 MB.

Which one is your favorite make-up application? Good luck and prove yourself the make over ability of the above application.