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How to View WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive (Backup)

How to View WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive

When backing up chats, wondering where to go? Here’s how to view WhatsApp backup files on Google Drive. We also complete the tutorial in the form of a video which we will provide at the end of the article.

Currently the WhatsApp application is a chat platform that is widely used by many people. This makes WhatsApp a very important application to support communication, business or so on.

But the concern is the loss of the contents of WhatsApp messages. Of course this makes you need a way to view WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive.

You can only see this method if you do an automatic backup in the WhatsApp application.

If not, then the content of the message that was previously on your cellphone cannot be found again.

In anticipation of this problem you can back up it online so that the data is stored safely. The place that can be used is Google Drive.

You need to know that Google Drive is a free cloud storage service provided by Google.

Every Google account user is entitled to this service with a capacity limit of 15 GB / account.

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If you want a larger capacity to accommodate many files, you can upgrade and of course pay.

How to Backup WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive

How to Backup WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive

Before you see the backup of WhatsApp chats on Google Drive, then you need to back up or back up data first.

Below is a way to do a backup on Google Drive so that WhatsApp backup data storage becomes more secure.

  1. First, first open the WhatsApp application on your HP device.
  2. After that, go to the Settings app via the three-dot icon in the top right corner.
  3. After that, go to Settings and proceed to menu Chat.
  4. If so, select the option Chat Backup to do backups. In this menu you can select the Google Drive option so that backups can be stored online.

Make sure you choose the correct Google account, because that is the account we will use to log into Google Drive and view the backup file.

This process may take a long time depending on how many chats are backed up.

If you haven’t done a backup first, it’s impossible for us to see WhatsApp chat backups on Google Drive.

For best results you can use a wifi connection so that the backup process to Google Drive runs smoothly and faster.

Please also pay attention to the “include video” option if this option is activated, then all videos in WA will also be backed up and of course this will increase the file size and slow down the upload process.

Therefore, before getting to the core of the topic we discussed, please backup the chat as in the steps above.

How to View WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive

How to View WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive

You can do this method after uploading data on Google Drive. Of course, this process requires an internet network.

With this backup process, your data can be stored more securely without worrying about it being lost or deleted.

Here’s how to view WhatsApp backups on Google Drive:

  1. First, please first open the Google Drive site via a browser on a laptop or computer. In addition, you can also open it through the Google Drive application installed on the cellphone.
  2. Once open, you can select the icon with the image of a wheel and then enter the Settings or Settings menu.
  3. Then a new window will appear from Settings. Here, you can select the Manage Applications menu and search for the WhatsApp application.
  4. Click the WhatsApp application once and wait for a few minutes until the loading is complete. This process may take some time, depending on the size of the chats you have backed up in Google Drive.

How to Delete WhatsApp Chat Backup on Google Drive

How to Delete WhatsApp Chat Backup on Google Drive

After knowing how to back up data on Google Drive, then next you need to know how to delete WA chat backups. In the process of deletion this can be done easily.

You can do this through the Google Drive online application or website.

Here’s how to delete WhatsApp chat backups on Google Drive.

  1. The first way you can open first Google Drive through the application or website.
  2. Once in the main view, login to the Google account that you previously had.
  3. Then go to the menu with the triple stripe icon and select the option Reserve.
  4. Next, go to WhatsApp backup and press Delete Backup at the bottom.
  5. The final step, you just need to confirm the deletion to delete it.

In addition to how to view WhatsApp backups on Google Drive, you can also perform other data backup processes in the Google Drive application.

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This is because Google Drive has a function as a place for online storage.

In addition, this online storage application offers users a sizeable capacity. Surely this is very helpful for you for the backup process.