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How to Transfer Using the Mandiri Online Application

Speaking of independent banks, have you used the Mandiri Online application on your smartphone yet? The application is free, and even the activation is very easy because it is directly assisted by Independent CS until you can login and transact on your cellphone.

In a sophisticated era like today, it seems that we no longer need to go to an ATM unless we need it cash Yes, because we can buy anything online where the payment process can be done using only a smartphone.

The presence of an online independent in the form of an application makes it very easy for users to carry out daily transactions. Here are some of the advantages of using an online standalone application.

  • Balance check
  • Transfer
  • Pay
  • Buy
  • Check account mutation
  • Top Up e-cash and e-money

We can do all that easily and safely only through an online independent application.

Here I will give an example of how to transfer using Mandiri online to pay for my ordered goods at Tokopedia, coincidentally a few days ago I bought goods through Tokopedia and here are the steps.

How to pay for goods at Tokopedia using Mandiri Online

First, you open the independent online application and log in with your username and password

If the login is successful, select menu Transfer

To Independent Account

Select column Destination account to enter the account number to be addressed

Enter the account number, in this case I enter the Tokopedia account number

If so, add it as a new destination

If correct, the name of the TOKOPEDIA account owner will automatically appear and please press the button confirmation

Enter the amount you want to transfer, for example 132995 then click continue

After making sure everything is filled in correctly, please select SEND

And the last step is to enter your MPIN which is 6 digits (this MPIN is created when you activate)

Done, if it is successful, a receipt like the following will appear

This can be proof of your transfer

Easy isn’t it?

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You need to pay attention when entering the account number and nominal amount, don’t get it wrong, please check again until you are absolutely sure that the nominal you entered is correct.