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Good and Right Activity Proposal Structure

Proposal Structure

Good and Correct Structure of Activity Proposals according to the Order of Arrangements. A proposal according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI is a plan that is outlined in the form of a work plan.

More broadly, a proposal is a plan that is outlined in a work or activity plan and in written form to be explained in a systematic and detailed manner. In making a proposal there is a working concept written in it to achieve a target.

You could say, a proposal is a form of submission or offer in the form of concepts, ideas, ideas, and thoughts that have the aim of getting support. The support is in the form of permission or approval from the intended party. Proposals can also be interpreted as writings made to describe and explain a plan to the reader.

In general, there are four types of proposals, namely business proposals, activity proposals, project proposals, August proposals and research proposals. In making it can not be arbitrary because the structure of a good and correct proposal affects the reader’s understanding of the content of the proposal. Then, what is the proper and correct order?

The Order of a Good and Correct Proposal Structure

Of the four types above, in general all of them have almost the same proposal structure. That is:

Proposal Cover

Each preparation must follow a good and correct proposal structure. The first order that must be made is the cover. This cover usually has the logo of the organization or activity to be held. This section also includes the name of the activity to be carried out.

Activity Background

Next is the background of the activity, the things or conditions that form the basis for the activity. It should be noted, in writing this background, it is better to start from general things to more specific ones.

Name of activity

The next good and correct proposal structure is the name of the activity. Write the name of the activity according to the activity to be held. The purpose of writing the name of the activity in the proposal is so that the reader can quickly understand the activities to be carried out.

Activity Theme

Each activity must have a specific and specific theme. An example is the environmental theme, inviting readers to know more about the environment and how to protect it. Well, this theme should be included in the proposal.

Activity Purpose

When an activity is carried out, it is impossible that there is no purpose and purpose. With these activities carried out properly, the objectives will be achieved. The purpose of the activity is important enough to explain and make a proposal, explain briefly. Even in a good and correct proposal structure, this purpose is listed after an explanation of the name and theme of the activities to be held.

Activity Content

An activity proposal will definitely explain what activities are in it. Usually, here there will be information about the name of the activity, the types of activities, the equipment needed, the time and place of the activity, and the arrangement of the event.

Promotion Tool

When you want to organize a certain activity, you must cooperate with certain parties. Well, in a good and correct proposal structure it is also explained about promotional opportunities for sponsors or supporters and also the promotional media provided. For example banners, banners, brochures, banners, and other promotional tools.

Budget Estimate

The proposal must also include information on the estimated budget needed. This information must be made clear and detailed in it. Information related to this budget can start from the allocation of funds for equipment, administration, consumption, and various other needs related to activities.

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Composition of Committee

The composition of the committee is an important part of a good and correct proposal structure. From this arrangement can also be a good means to attract the attention of sponsors or readers.


The last part of the proposal is a closing which generally contains thanks to the parties who have cooperated in the implementation of the activity. This section must also be accompanied by the stamp and signature of the proposal maker proving that the proposal is valid and official.

Some also add attachments. However, if it’s not there, this section can be skipped. That is the structure of a good and correct proposal in a succinct way. In conclusion, a proposal should have four parts, cover, introduction (name of activity, theme, objective, background), body, and closing.