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How to Top Up/Top Up Tokopedia Balance Through the Mobile Application

How to Top Up Tokopedia Balance

The rise of Indonesian people’s interest in online shopping requires the marketplace to create convenience in terms of payment methods. One of the biggest online stores in the country is Tokopedia.

Tokopedia is one of the largest online stores in Indonesia that provides a variety of goods, ranging from clothes, household appliances to digital products such as pulses or electricity tokens.

When shopping at Tokopedia, of course, we will be provided with various payment methods, either through Bank Transfer, Indomaret and Alfamaret. We can even apply for installments without a credit card.

Previously, even Tokopedia had a feature called TokoCash where we can fill the balance into our account and then make payments directly instant and fast with existing balance.

However, since 2022, to be precise in September, this feature cannot be used for a while, here’s the info we got from the Tokopedia Blog:

As a continuation of the electronic money licensing application process to Bank Indonesia, effective September 18, 2022 (at 10.00 WIB), Tokopedia balance cannot be top up for the time being. But you don’t need to worry, because other Tokopedia Balance functions, such as disbursing funds and using them for transactions, still function as usual.

And it didn’t take long when there was also a payment application called OVO.

OVO is a practical payment application that can be used to make payments when buying products on Tokopedia.

This application not only functions as a means of payment on tokped, but also has features such as purchasing credit, paying electricity, purchasing internet packages, calling and sms, to paying for insurance.

What’s interesting is that when we shop at Tokopedia using OVO, we will get OVO points where we can reuse these points to buy products both at Tokped and OVO itself.

Ok, just go to the Tokopedia or OVO balance charging stage, for the steps you can see below.

How to Top Up Tokopedia Balance

First, enter the Tokopedia application on your cellphone, then select the Account menu.

In section Tokopedia Pay there will be a round application icon and it is owned by OVO, please press Activation.

How to Top Up Tokopedia Balance

Choose Activate OVO Now and you will be taken to the next menu, which is to create a new OVO account or use an existing account (if you have one).

How to Top Up Tokopedia Balance

Then, all you have to do is download the OVO application on the Play Store or App Store for iPhone, after that fill in all the data and also complete your cellphone number and name, adjust your ID card so that when you want to upgrade to OVO Premier you can be received quickly.

After all the data is complete, now your OVO account can be directly filled or Top Up with a minimum balance of IDR 20,000 either through internet banking, ATMs, debit cards, OVO Merchant and OVO Booth in your city.

As for you users Independent Onlineyou can read the steps for top up OVO through Mandiri Online in the following article: How to Top Up OVO Balance Through Mandiri Online.

You need to know that for users who previously had a balance in TokoCash, you don’t need to worry because the balance will automatically be added to your OVO account when it is activated.

So, is this information on how to top up Tokopedia’s balance useful? Hopefully this article can add to our knowledge, and don’t forget to share it with other friends so they don’t miss the information too.