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How to Pay Postpaid Electricity Bills with OVO Cheaper!

How to Pay PLN Electricity Bills with OVO

Still on the same topic as the previous post, which is about OVO. OVO provides several conveniences to its users, starting from buying credit, paying for goods at Tokopedia, paying BPJS and also making it easy to pay prepaid and postpaid electricity bills (token pulses).

Tell me a little about my experience paying PLN with OVO, previously every month there was one person in my village who was in charge of collecting electricity payments and it was done regularly once a month (not an official employee of PLN, yes).

However, after I looked at the account, there was a difference in cost, which was around 3 thousand rupiah. And I think it’s an increase in fees given by the pln collector. If it is calculated, it is quite a decent income every month, 3 thousand rupiahs times the number of residents who pay electricity bills to him.

But after the presence of OVO I tried to switch to the application for the following reasons:

  • Admin fee is cheaper
  • Easy to use
  • Just enter the Customer ID

I saw on Tokopedia that the admin fee was up to 3k, but in the ovo app it was only 2k!

If there is something cheaper, why pay for the expensive one, right?

Well, on this occasion Bungdus will share a tutorial on how to pay electricity bills (PLN) using OVO.

How to Pay Postpaid Electricity Bills with OVO

Of course, the first thing you have to do is top up your OVO balance first, and make sure it’s enough to pay the electricity bill for how much each month you pay.

Select menu PLN

Then select the Postpaid category and enter the number Customer ID you who are on the KWH Meter in your home

After that press the button NEXT

Then your bill will come out complete with admin fees and the total you have to pay, and make sure the name matches the owner’s name on the KWH Meter

Click pay, after that you will be asked to enter OVO PIN you

Done, you will receive a successful payment notification

You need to know that you can usually pay postpaid PLN bills from the 1st to the 20th, so make sure you pay before the deadline on the 20th.

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That’s how to pay postpaid electricity bills using OVO. Hopefully useful and good luck.